10 Self-Mastery Tip That Helps You Live A Fulfilled Life

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Fulfillment in the sense of the word is relative. The idea varies from person to person, depending on individual values. Yet, in our individual journeys to fulfillment, there are specific levels of knowledge about ourselves that is necessary for our success.

This knowledge is referred to as self-mastery. To be a master at anything one must first commit to self-mastery as it plays an integral part in living a fulfilled life.

We have compiled 10 self-mastery knowledge that will heelp you in your journey

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

10 Self-Mastery Knowledge That Helps You Live A Fulfilled Life

#1. Know Your Personality Type

While it may be impossible to know ourselves fully, understanding our personality is very important. Understanding our personality can give us deeper insights into who we are and help us navigate different situations and opportunities. In trying to understand our personality, we could take clues from the choices we make in specific situations, our preferences, interests, fears, aspirations, abilities, and challenges.

Taking a personality test also proves to be effective in helping us understand ourselves. The Myer Briggs Personality Test is the most popular and most reliable of such setups. However, it requires payment before access so new accessible and free ones have been developed. You might want to try them out.

#2. Understand Your Strengths And Weaknesses

This saves your energy and effort and helps you utilize your choices better. Because you’ll be able to channel your resources into things that will help you become more productive. You’ll know what you should invest in and what you may want to improve on.

Although, it is most advisable to maximize your strengths to their best potentials possible if you find it worthy after critical analysis, you could work toward improving in your weak areas. Mastering this personal knowledge prevents you from being burned out and frustrated.

#3. Know Your Values

Your values are those things that you believe in. Those things that build up the essence and core of your personality. Most times, the easiest way to identify these things is that we find it hard to give them up. Identifying our values is very necessary to our living fulfilled lives.

As we advance in life, we may have to give up some things, learn and unlearn, but the moment we compromise our values, we lose a part of ourselves and start to feel empty. And soon enough, in retrospect, we would realize that we only lived according to the standards of people, and we have lost ourselves.

This is one profound cause of self resentment and depression. When we master this knowledge, we’ll be able to navigate relationships and situations in our best interest. Hence, increasing the possibility of living a fulfilled life.

Self-mastery is the challenge of transforming yourself from own worst enemy into your greatest ally.

Wes Fesler

#4. Know What You Want To Be

Humans are dynamic beings. We possess an innate ability to evolve as we grow older. Ideally, this evolution or growth is necessary as some traits don’t remain fitting. This is what we mostly refer to as maturity. Identifying who we aspire to be is very crucial for our personal advancement, as it directs our lives cause. This births our dreams set our goals, influences our choices, and fuels our desires.

#5. Know How You Respond To Stress

Some people have the superpower of performing best under pressure. Others don’t. It is necessary to identify where we fall and stick to it. You may be wondering why you haven’t been as productive?

This might be the reason. Do you mostly carry out tasks under pressure? Take an inventory. How has it influenced your productivity? is it negative or do you think it couldn’t have been better. You may have just identified what works for you. Good. Now stick to it.

#6. In What Environment Are You Most Productive?

A survey on the atmosphere that sets the tone for productivity was once taken among college students. Three results were predominant. A majority identified that in order for them to have a productive study session, the environment has to be noisy. Quiet places don’t cut it for them so they avoid the school’s libraries.

The other category of people needed a dead silent atmosphere to be productive. And the last category was a little in the middle. They can function in both atmospheres but are most effective when it was mixed. Like a garden with its very serene environment yet featuring birds and crickets chirping, winds rustling and shaking tree branches, and really anything that can fit into the melodious atmosphere of nature.

This goes a long way to prove that we are so distinct. Hence, have unique atmospheres for productivity. Identifying this helps us to be really productive and would contribute greatly to us living fulfilled lives.

Courage, hard work, self-mastery, and intelligent effort are all essential to successful life. – Theodore Roosevelt

#7. Know Your Medical Status

The value ofur health can not be overemphasized. It is oir utmost priority to look after our health and ensure that it is in the best state to enable effective productivity. Routine check up is adviced. At least once in three months. No kne wants to be knocked down by ill health when faced with the most interesting self developing challenges.

#8. Know What Makes You Happy

Happiness has been proven to be the best state for human productivity. It is necessary that we protect our happiness and personal peace. Know the things, situations, people, and events that mar your happiness. Part of self-mastery is knowing what makes you happy and this is something only you can know.

So you may want to break off that friendship or relationship. If it hinders your productivity then maybe it isn’t worth it. Take a walk. Take a break from it. Give yourself a little time then compare results. You’ll see you’re better off without it.

#9. Know What Inspires you

The goal is to never be out of motivation. It’s as bad as running out of gas on a roadtrip. You just need to refuel. It’s more advisable to have a reservoir to avoid being stranded. In life’s journey, you do not want to be stranded. Identifying those things, people, places, practices and events that fuel your drive and milk them(in a nonparasitic way).

It’s also very advisable to have a good support system. Friends and family singing praise songs for us, even for the little things have a way of improving our productivity.

#10. Know Your Path

As our looks, desires, and styles are different, so are our paths. The most popular cause of the mass unfulfillment is a lack of direction. A number of us have strayed. You used to be so peaceful, joyous, and content. But ever since we got that better paying job, we’ve felt miserable. Now the point isn’t that earning better is bad. But if it replaces your sense of peace with feelings of being miserable, you are most likely on the wrong path.

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