Top 35 Daily Affirmations For Relationships

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Love is a beautiful thing but sometimes it has its ups and downs and can be difficult. Your relationship might have started out great but with time, you began to grow apart. All that you need is to rekindle the fire of love between you, but first, you need to rekindle the love within yourself. Here are some affirmations for relationships to help your relationship grow.

Affirmations For Relationships

I am deserving of a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship

My partner and I are in a loving, committed and strong relationship

The love between my partner and I grow stronger every day

My partner and I are deeply in love with each other every day

My partner loves me every day that goes by

I have the best partner in the world

The power of love is inside me


I remove the internal blockage that prevents me from receiving love

I’m happy and grateful for having loving people in my life

I give my relationship the attention it deserves

Affirmations For Relationships

My partner and I give physical contact to each other on a daily basis

My partner and I are fully loyal to one another

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My partner and I have fun all the time

My partner is supportive of me just as I am supportive of my partner


My partner sees me as everything they have been looking for in a partner

My partner and I feel comfortable and safe with each other

My partner and I laugh every day

Affirmations For Relationships

I feel good being intimate with my partner

My partner is crazy in love with me and I’m crazy in love with my partner

Our love is stronger than argument and fights

Love wins between my partner and I


I am whole within myself and my partner is whole within himself/herself.

I don’t have to do anything to be fully loved and happy within myself

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I am happy to be completely myself in the relationship without being unrighteous judged

I go through life with the help of my loved ones

I now choose to love and approve of myself.

I am now ready to accept a happy fulfilling relationship

My partner and I have a perfect romantic relationship.


Romance and sensuality are natural feelings in my relationship.

I easily express my romantic feelings to my partner

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Love surrounds me, I completely open my heart to receiving love

My partner is my soul mate and we love each other purely and unconditionally without judgment

I now believe that relationships can be joyful and fun

All my relationships are now loving and harmonious

I release any desperation and allow love to find me

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