10 Things Confident People Do Differently

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Have you ever been in a room where someone just walks in and somehow steals the spotlight? You noticed the aura surrounding that person as they walk by, and how well their speech is articulated among many other things that people found attractive.

Right there, you just wonder, what do confident people do that makes them stand out. Well here are some of the things you may not be aware that confident people do differently.

10 Things Confident People Do Differently

#1. They Feel Secure in Themselves

Confident people feel secure in themselves, self-assured and not in a way that equates to complacency. Instinctively, we tend to compare ourselves to others and most times even wish we could switch places.

This isn’t a characteristic of a person that is confident. Confident people don’t actively wish to be in other people’s skin. They understand that perfection is an illusion and avoid the unnecessary pressure that comes with duplicating other people’s projection of a non-existing reality.

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#2. They Motivate Themselves

It’s easy to be motivated when everything seems to be going well, those are the good days. But what happens when things don’t work out, or you are experiencing bad days? Less confident people find it hard to propel themselves to do the needed in such times.

This is quite different for people who are confident since their key motivators are intrinsic. They are able to motivate themselves even in tough times. Motivation can be in two ways, intrinsic(inner) and extrinsic(outer). The Outer motivation is the one you get from people, things, and situations around you. Intrinsic motivation is more of an inner drive that propels a person to pursue an activity, not for external rewards, but because the action itself is enjoyable.

#3. People’s Opinions Are Merely Opinions

While confident people may appreciate constructive criticism from people, they understand that it is necessary to filter what to accept from people’s opinions. They do not let the opinion people have about them determine their life’s choices and perspectives. Though occasional validation may come in handy, they do not outrightly seek it. It’s just a plus when it comes.

#4. They Listen More Than They Speak.

These people understand that words are powerful, hence, do not go about dishing them except they have to and mean each. Simply put, their word is their bond. This is why they think most of the time before speaking, and when they do speak, they do so with certainty. It’s less likely to hear them use expressions like “I think that…”, “maybe…”, “umm…”

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#5. They Don’t Sell Themselves Short

One problem most people out there have is that they sell themselves short. But the people who know their worth and attach value to it are the happiest. The ability for us to recognize our value and let it influence our decisions, thoughts, and ideas is a great tip for living a fulfilled life. Confident people are aware of their worth and do not settle for less.

In fact, the confidence of the people is worth more than money. 10 things confident people do differently. The Success Elite
10 Things Confident People Do Differently

#6. They Challenge Themselves And Celebrate Small Wins

While long term goals are important as they keep us on the path of leading a purposeful life, it is necessary to set short term goals as well. Having to set personal challenges occasionally goes a long way to improve our capabilities in specific areas. It also serves as landmarks for the long journey ahead. This is why celebrating little milestones is very important. Consequently, it becomes a major booster of our confidence.

#7. They Do Not Judge Others

We have established earlier that critical thinking is a characteristic of confident people. This then implies that they have the ability to mirror and properly understand situations. How this plays out to them not being judgemental is that they are instinctively empathetic, hence, may rarely be caught judging other people.

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#8. They Choose Happiness Always

Seeing that perfection is only but a mirage, happiness can never be a constant. Life always throws hardballs at everyone. While the impact of this may vary from person to person, reasons to be unhappy just never run out. Confident people understand that happiness is a choice we have to constantly make.

They know that there is no such thing as permanent happiness, so they make the choice to be happy always. This has a way of shifting our perspective and surrounding us with an optimistic atmosphere that in turn creates the change we desire.

#9. They Are Organised

As an individual, being able to have our stuff together is very important. Little wonder why organization as a skill gives one an edge in the labour market. Confident people understand the importance of this skill and utilize it. From their appearance to their choices, to their colour preferences, to literally everything.

They put their stuff together themselves and do not actively have the habit of letting people clean after them, even if they can afford such luxury. This keeps them on the pivotal seat of their life and affairs and enables them to call the shots without making ignorant decisions.

#10. They Excercise

You didn’t see this coming, did you? Over time, it has been proven that people who work out at least three times a week tend to feel more confident. This is because exercising doesn’t only work your muscles but also improves blood flow to all parts of your body, especially your brain.

This activity enables your brain to be in its best state at all times, causing you to get the best out of it. Not to forget that science proves that exercising releases a chemical substance called endorphin that helps to improve one’s mood and in the long run confidence.

So the next time you notice a confident person in a gathering, you just might want to look out for these characteristics in them. And maybe, you too might want to try implementing some of them. Little by little, and you will just be as undeterred.

Good Luck!

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