5 Habits That Kill Your Motivation

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There is a saying that goes getting up the ladder isn’t as difficult as remaining up there. Sometimes, motivation transcends taking that big step out but staying all the way through the journey of its success.

There will be days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, and you can’t seem to find your drive; we hope you can recognize these habits that kill your motivation you’re about to read and overcome them.

5 Habits That Kill Your Motivation
5 Habits That Kill Your Motivation

#1. You’re Procrastinating

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu

Indeed, before a journey begins, a step must be taken. Sometimes you have a masterpiece in mind but you keep ‘doing it tomorrow’ so it never sees the light of today. Reflect on how many of your dreams have died gradual deaths because of procrastination.

You can’t afford to do that anymore. In the long run, you’ll realize that this habit doesn’t only kill your motivation, it also makes you lose faith in yourself and your ability. So in order to help your drive, stop procrastinating, start doing.

5 habits that kill your motivation. the success elite.
5 Habits That Kill Your Motivation.

#2. You’re Overhauling Yourself

When you carry more than your capacity, it gets really tedious and discouraging, you lose interest. This is one of the major habits that kill your motivation. Always have it at the back of your mind that “Rome was not built in a day“.

It is more advisable to break down your tasks into smaller goals that all sum up to the larger goal and take them one step at a time. When you do so much at once, you do not only tire out your body and risk your health but also tire out your mind. The implication of this is that you are setting up the stage for unproductivity.

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#3. You’re Miscalculating Your Capacity

Sometimes, we give ourselves tasks that do not equal our capacity, and when we do not deliver as we desire, we lose motivation and sometimes, even self-confidence. Understanding yourself and the sphere of your capacity helps you maximize those abilities that you are naturally inclined towards produces success.

Also, understanding yourself would help you know how best to keep yourself motivated. This is because sometimes we lose motivation due to naturally uncontrollable occurrences. Hence, the necessity for one to decipher the best form of motivating themselves becomes expedient.

#4. You’re Comparing Yourself

Different strokes for different folks remember? Comparing yourself to others is about the fastest way to lose motivation and even self-confidence. As said earlier, it is essential that you understand your capacity and work within that. The comparison doesn’t only kill your motivation but also plummets your self-esteem.

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#5. You Don’t Manage Your Time

When setting goals that have a time frame, poor time management result in having to do so many things at once, trying to meet up deadlines, and sometimes even deliver a lower quality of work.

This may later translate to you feeling unproductive, overwhelmed, and incapable, and this kills motivation really fast. As the first point suggests, set a realistic time frame, be disciplined enough to stick to it, and harness your strengths to produce the best results possible.

Final Thought

I hope you are now aware of the habits that influence your motivation. It’s up to you now to identify other habits that kill your motivation and replace those habits with a new one.

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