5 Things You Should Know About The Power Of Words

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In our world, it is proven that words play two major roles—building and destroying but not so many are aware of the power of words. Our words help us hold conversations; hence build relationships, share ideas, relate with family, form societies, and even build our personal esteem and ideology.

In the Christian bible, it is through the word that God created the world. He said “let there be…” every time He wanted to create something except for Man, which He even had to speak words to communicate the necessity of his creation(man).

However this article isn’t about the power of words in the bible but to bring to your awareness, things you should know about the power your words possess.

#1. It is Scientifically Proven

“A new word is like a fresh seed sown on the ground of the discussion.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Dr. Masaru Emoto a Japanese scientist and water researcher has revealed that thoughts and vibrations affect the molecular structure of water. She studied water for many years through high-speed photography of water crystals and by measuring emotional vibrations in humans through a vibration measuring device called MRA.

Her study proves that water reacts to sound vibrations that translate to words, and the energy generated from good and bad words differ, hence producing different results. Another interesting side of this research is that it proves that living things such as trees, plants, animals, and humans, as long as they possess water as a major component of their being, react similarly to words.

This is why the story about how two plants turned out differently because good and bad words were spoken to them respectively can be proven as true.

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5 Things You Should Know About The Power Of Words

#2. They Define Us To Us

We all have ideas of ourselves in our heads. But have you wondered how these ideas or even facts came about? How they were thought of, defined, and even articulated. People who deal with low self-esteem suffer such as a result of the words that have been spoken to them.

Just like the science proven water research spoken about above, we react to words spoken to us. Sometimes these words stick forever. This is why so many people carry around the hurt from words that people have spoken to them.

“Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad.”

Manly Hall

#3. They Are The Building Blocks Of Everything.

Tabula rasa: the theory that individuals are born with their minds as clean as a new slate; that is no built-in memory/ mental content. It is language(words that convey information be it as it may) that goes ahead to form the mental framework of an individual.

The identification, understanding, and application of these words are what translates to the accumulation of knowledge for a person. Words are indeed the building blocks of everything. They form a significant percentage of communication, and individuals cannot carry on existence without communication.

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#4. There Is No Society Without Words

Imagine there was no such thing as words spoken to each other. Our society would be lost. It would be almost impossible to preserve our culture, traditions, and heritage. Without words, there really is no society. The idea of humanity existing without it is unfathomable.

#5. Words Educate and Inspire

“All big changes of the world come from words”

Marjane Satrapi

Asides from helping to preserve our culture, words are also relevant in educating each other. There are so many educational institutions and organizations of different standards and caliber all over the world. Their names, vision, policy, process, structure, system, all they represent is spoken, written, and conveyed in words regardless of the language.

Regardless of the speaker, words spoken to an individual play a big role in that person’s life which could either inspire, uplift, or hurt them. If you speak positive things to yourself and your environment, you will not only get inspired but your atmosphere will work positively for you.

The former Prime Minister of The United States Winston Churchill is now popularly remembered for the speech he made during the war that inspired his army even while they saved great adversity and loss. Historians have it that it was his speech that assured their victory.

“Let us, therefore, brace ourselves to our duty and so bear ourselves that if the British Commonwealth and Empire lasts for a thousand years men will still say, ‘this was their finest hour.”

Winston Churchill
kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are true- Mother Teressa. Things You Didn't Know About The Power Of Your Words |The Success Elite.ly endless.

Final Thought

Having proven the power of words and that we really cannot exist without words, it is necessary for us to leave you with a little tip of advice.

Use your words to build up and create, educate, heal and inspire, and not destroy. It doesn’t benefit you to use your words badly. There are so many broken people in our world today because of words spoken to them: sometimes by those tthey love and trust, people who were supposed to protect them, other times by random people.

Our words are powerful, and it is beneficial to use them wisely. Kind words don’t hurt anyone. Speak kind words today.

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