5 Habits of Super Learners That Help You Learn Faster

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When it comes to learning, I have always sort for ways to learn something in the shortest amount of time. What fascinates me the most is learning 5 or 10 times faster than I do now. Imagine how much you can do, have, and be by learning faster than you do now.

It would interest you to know certain individuals have discovered ways to increase their learning capability to become Super Learners. Giving them the ability to learn 5 or 10 times faster than they used to. The benefits are countless, and don’t get me started on how this would benefit you a lot at school, work even among your peers who will be amazed at your ability.

In this age and time where the world changes rapidly with technology, having this capability is one of the most important skills anyone can have. Companies are always looking for fast learners; this tells you how much fast learners are valued.

You may be wondering, but aren’t super learners born that way. Well, I doubt that. Like you, they developed certain habits either at a young age or at a certain point in time that it became a part of them. In order words, you too can become a super learner by adopting some of these habits.

Let’s dive into Super Learners’ minds and explore the habits they developed to 10x their learning capability.

5 Habits of Super Learners That Help You Learn Faster

10 Habits of Super Learners from real life fast learners and their habits.

#1. Effective Planning

As a student, sometimes tasks and assignments feel endless, running up and about trying to meet up deadlines. 24 hours of the day don’t seem to be enough anymore, and no matter what you do, you can’t find a way to moderate all your tasks. In such a situation, effective planning is most necessary. Some effective planning tools include creating realistic timetables, strategically spreading tasks, and applying some time management tips.

Also, as important as planning and time management is necessary, it is important to be flexible with schedules. Sometimes, according to your timetable, your study time should be in the morning or at night, but you may not be able to meet up due to a tight schedule.

The ideal thing to do is try to get the hang of your environment, understand what time would be available for your study, and utilize it. Being rigid can pressure you and cause you to be ineffective in the long run.

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#2. Learning From Mistakes

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Super learners understand that mistakes are inevitable. Hence, they do not beat themselves up when they do occur. Instead, they see them as an opportunity to learn and grow. This is why studying with past questions is effective. Look back at those downsides you’ve had, learn from the correction, and ace it next time.

Do not be brash on yourself because of failure, especially if this pressure is coming from the comparison. Understand that everybody makes mistakes and move on. This is one of the essential habits of super learners. It even for an individual’s overall success.

#3. Being Strategic

That is, understand that different things work for different people and maximize what works for you. Understanding how your brain works are one of the most effective ways of improving your learning abilities and one of the handiest habits of super learners. In learning, people assimilate very differently.

We all tend to understand better when an idea is delivered to us in a particular way. Some may have to jot things; others may have to record. Some may have to reach in groups or even teach. Whatever it is, fast learners identify their stroke and go ahead with it.

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#4. Being Disciplined

When talking about the habits of super learners, this is probably ranked first. What is meant by this is that super learners understand that learning isn’t just an option but a commitment. As long as you’re a student and human, you cannot choose to learn or not, learning is literally inevitable.

Understanding this helps shape your mindset and makes your brain more receptive, hence improving learning.

A practical play put of this would be when you do not feel like studying, feeling lazy, or just wanting to rest, but you know you have tasks awaiting your attention. The ideal thing to do is to subject your feelings of preference to discipline to carry out your tasks: study and get your desired result.

With time, you will realize that feelings are the most unreliable part of our being, and if you keep adhering to them, you could end up mediocre.

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#5. Being Health Conscious

Fast learners understand that for better productivity, brain health is essential. Just like the body, the brain needs to be in a good position to function effectively. Engaging in activities that promote relaxation, giving due breaks, and even exercising the brain is necessary. So apart from your daily or regular routines, play games(especially those that improve your cognitive function), indulge in meditations -they help you reflect and help your brain rest, stay dehydrated, go for regular checkups, eat properly, rest well, etc.

Supplying the body with the right set of nutrients is also necessary. In trying to keep the brain healthy, body health shouldn’t be neglected. So while you may carry out most of your tasks sitting, make it a responsibility to exercise the body, promote blood circulation, and engage in so many other activities that improve the body’s health and performance.

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Be deliberate about improving your brain health and you will see the results in how fast you learn.

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