Top 35 Inspiring Eric Yuan Quotes On Business Quotes

Eric Yuan is a Chinese-born American. He is a renowned billionaire businessman and is the CEO and founder of Zoom Video Communications. During the COVID-19 pandemic period, he made huge profit as Zoom was frequently used. Here are some Eric Yuan quotes that will inspire you to be a successful business owner.

Inspiring Eric Yuan Quotes

“Money is not going to bring me happiness.” Eric Yuan

“We really don’t look at our competitors. The market is big. If you focus too much on competitors, you can lose focus on the customer. If we make our customers happier, we are going to win.” Eric Yuan

“We want to hire people who are self-learners.” Eric Yuan

“In 2007 WebEx was acquired by Cisco and I became Cisco’s Corporate VP of engineering, in charge of collaboration software.” Eric Yuan

“The beautiful part of the cloud is, you know, it’s unlimited capacity, in theory.” Eric Yuan

“Social networking like Facebook or Twitter is very popular, but one thing I have found is that the more social networking tools you are using, the more alone you feel.” Eric Yuan

“We are very committed to listening to our customers’ feedback and making changes to deliver happiness to our users.”

Eric Yuan Quotes

“Similar to many multinational technology companies, Zoom has operations and employees in China. And like many multinational technology companies, our offices in China are operated by subsidiaries of the U.S. parent company. Our engineers are employed through these subsidiaries. We don’t hide this.” Eric Yuan

“Millennials grew up realizing that they can get the job done without having to go to the office.” Eric Yuan

“Empathy, humanity and support for each other is more important than revenue, than growth.” Eric Yuan

“My beloved father passed away just two months after I told him I was going to start a company. Whenever I make progress in my career, I wish I could share the news with my father.” Eric Yuan

“I decided to come to the U.S. in the mid ’90s because the Internet, which I knew was the wave of the future, was red hot here, but hadn’t yet taken off in China.” Eric Yuan

“When I do something, I want to win. If I lose, I feel bad.” Eric Yuan

“I really want to build something to make the world a better place.”

Eric Yuan

“Coronavirus has completely changed how people think about where or how you should work.” Eric Yuan

“I think many businesses will allow their employees to work from home. The main challenge here is how to make sure Zoom will give a better and safer experience to users than compared to that in an office environment.” Eric Yuan

“Building trust is very important.” Eric Yuan

“Some students just don’t like online class.” Eric Yuan

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“Even if I have no energy and I’m so tired, I don’t give up.” Eric Yuan

“Any security issues, you have to be very hands on to really understand what’s the exact problem, and then take quick action.” Eric Yuan

“I don’t mind working long hours, because I enjoy doing that. The way to make myself happy is to work long hours.”

Eric Yuan Quotes

“Our philosophy at Zoom is to create a company that promotes self-motivation. I have told our managers not to spend too much time motivating employees. You have to create an environment where employees can motivate themselves. That is really important because self-motivation is more sustainable.” Eric Yuan

“Slack is a great partner of Zoom. We’re a great partner of Slack.” Eric Yuan

“The harshest criticism may be the best words you ever hear.” Eric Yuan

“Before I came to Silicon Valley I was in Beijing, China and I was twenty-seven. When I saw the Internet, I immediately realized that it was going to change everything.” Eric Yuan

“Distributed workforces are most likely to succeed if their culture is one that values and prioritizes face-to-face communications.” Eric Yuan

“We do all we can to proactively think about employees, how to care about them.” Eric Yuan

“I want to make sure I do the right thing for society.”

Eric Yuan

“In business, speed is everything.” Eric Yuan

“Company culture is my number one priority. It’s more important than the team, the product, the business model, or the investors. All of those things can be fixed and made better over time. But culture has to be established on Day 1.” Eric Yuan

“If your employees are not happy, nothing else at your company will go well.” Eric Yuan

“The smartphone created a huge economy, the cloud created a huge economy.” Eric Yuan

“My barometer for choosing a board member is this: regardless of the business, can I make a lifelong friend?” Eric Yuan

“No one wants to be the person who peaked in high school.” Eric Yuan

“My philosophy is, if I can provide a solution that the end user truly enjoys, then I think I have a chance.” Eric Yuan

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