Top 35 Inspiring Demi Lovato Quotes On Success

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Demi Lovato is an American songwriter, singer and actress. As a child she appeared on several children’s television including Barney and friends. She also starred in teen movies like Camp Rock and received a number of accolades.
Demi Lovato pursed her dreams to its peak. Here are some of her quotes that will inspire you to succeed.

Inspiring Demi Lovato Quotes

“Your imperfections make you beautiful, they make you who you are.” Demi Lovato

“Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.” Demi Lovato

“Never be ashamed of a scar, it simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.” Demi Lovato

“Stay humble. Don’t take away the power of the greatness that surrounds you.” Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Quotes

“Whatever you dream of doing one day, don’t give up on that dream because you never know where it can take you.” Demi Lovato

“Tall, curvy, short, thin, whatever you are, you are beautiful.” Demi Lovato

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“I don’t think I’m fixed. People think that you’re like a car in a body shop. You go in they fix you and then you’re out and you work like you’re brand new but it doesn’t work like that. You know, it takes constant fixing.” Demi Lovato

“When in doubt, slay.”

Demi Lovato

“Instead of looking in the mirror and focusing on your flaws, look in the mirror and appreciate your best features, everyone has them.” Demi Lovato

“It’s gonna be okay, no matter how hard rock bottom is, you can rise above it and you can come back.” Demi Lovato Quotes

“Don’t judge me. You know my name but not my story.” Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Quotes

“I’m a warrior.” Demi Lovato

“The best advice I can give to anyone going through a rough patch is to never be afraid to ask for help.” Demi Lovato

“Love yourself for who you are and just keep going.” Demi Lovato

“Everyday is a new opportunity to change your life and be who you want to be.”

Demi Lovato

“There are people whose voices aren’t being heard and I want to use my voice to speak up for them.” Demi Lovato

“You deserve to live a happy and healthy life.” Demi Lovato

“Creativity is what helps me escape a lot of my inner demons.” Demi Lovato

“I pray every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up.” Demi Lovato

“I used to think that confidence came from what other people thought about me but now I realize it comes from what I feel about myself.” Demi Lovato

“One of the most scariest things in life is when you come to the realization that the only thing that can save you is – yourself. ” Demi Lovato Quotes

“Utilize your time.”

Demi Lovato

“One day you’ll be an inspiration to others.” Demi Lovato

“I have come to realize that just making yourself happy is most important. Never be ashamed of what you feel. You have the right to feel any emotion that you want, and to do what makes you happy. That’s my life motto.” Demi Lovato

“I’m not going to sacrifice my mental health to have the perfect body.” Demi Lovato

“A lot of people work really hard for their dreams, and it’s not for everybody.” Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Quotes

“Nothing is more beautiful than the smile that has struggled through the tears.” Demi Lovato

“Every single one of you is unique.” Demi Lovato

“You were born to be real, not perfect.”

Demi Lovato

“Stay strong, be brave, love hard and true, and you will have nothing to lose.” Demi Lovato

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, as long as you’re happy.” Demi Lovato

“Share your story with someone. You never know how one sentence of your life story could inspire someone to rewrite their own.” Demi Lovato

“Don’t be influenced by other people’s opinions.” Demi Lovato

“You can make a difference in the world.” Demi Lovato

“You’re stronger than you think you are. Keep pushing forward, never give up on your dreams, and don’t let anyone stop you.” Demi Lovato

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