Top 35 Daily Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, the most important thing is optimism, you have to be positive about the progress you make. It might be slow at first, but you need to be optimistic about your future progress. Here are some affirmations for entrepreneurs that will emit positivity into your mind and your business.

Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

I am resourceful. I am prepared. I am ready!

I believe in myself and my ability to accomplish my goals.

I am able to help someone else because of my own experiences.

I will make tomorrow better because of what I learned today.

I am not going to feel guilty about taking a break for self-care.

There’s no way for me to know everything…and that’s totally okay!

I am releasing self-doubt to make room for growth.


I am doing my best.

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I am worthy of the success coming my way.

If there’s something that I don’t know, I am smart enough to get help from someone who does!

Today will be a very productive day!

Every day I am a step closer to reaching my goal.

I work hard, but I also know when I need to take a break to relax.

I control my thoughts, and I choose to think positive.


Instead of thinking of everything that could go wrong, I am thinking of everything that will go right!

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I am passionate about my business!

It’s not a failure. It’s a lesson that will make me better.

I am clear about my goals, and I know I will accomplish them.

Everything will never be perfect, and I’m perfectly fine with that!

I made progress today, and that’s a win.

I will make the right decision.


Success is right around the corner.

I am building my empire.

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Just because it’s a challenge doesn’t mean it’s an impossibility.

The work I’m putting in today will pay off sooner than I think!

I am celebrating a win every day because every win counts!

I know that everything will work out for me!

I am successful!

Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

I am creating multiple streams of income!

I am preparing myself for the amazing opportunities heading my way.

I know there are no limits to what I can accomplish.

It’s not too late to make my dream come true.

I am managing my time wisely and getting so much done!

I am stepping out of my comfort zone!

I am achieving financial freedom.

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