Top 35 Daily Affirmations For Artists

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Art is a means of expressing one’s emotions through imagery. Every artist hopes for their work to be appreciated and valued. Like other careers, being an artist can be though but consistency is key. Let these affirmations for artists be your help you.

Affirmations For Artists

I am an abundant artist.

I have an abundant art career.

I deserve to make lots of money from my art.


With each art sale, selling my artwork becomes easier.

I create art to add positivity to the universe, not take it away.

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Creating art is making me a better person.

Creating art is healing my soul.


I can talk easily about my art.

My confidence is getting better the more I speak about art.

Talking about my art comes naturally and flows from me.


People readily understand the message I am trying to convey through my art.

I always welcome criticism and react to it in a positive and non-defensive manner.

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I love creating art – and I want to do what I love as much as I can.

Creating art make me happy and optimistic.


I release my negative emotions through my art.

New people are noticing my artworks each and every day.

I am enjoying the process of selling my artwork more with every sale.


I can easily detach from my artwork to sell it, because I realize that there are always newer and better pieces to create.

I easily find good places to promote my art, and don’t waste my time with low quality places.

Getting into the zone of art creation comes easily for me.

I always have a clear mind.


I love finding out more about myself through my art.

Creativity flows in every aspect of my life.

The art galleries I work with are friendly and helpful.

My drawing skills get better each and every day.

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I only buy the art materials I need.

I am not wasteful with art materials.

I adapt to new art mediums easily.


I care about the planet, and recycle whenever possible.

I am becoming less shy every time I talk to someone about my art.

My painting skills get better with every single painting I create.

I use my time efficiently.

I always find time for creating art.

I am easily inspired by the world around me.

I am thankful for the gift of free expression.

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