Top 35 Affirmations For Patience

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Patience is a major key to success. A lot of people have lost opportunities because they’re were in a haste. Before you react or make a decision, be calm and think carefully. As wise man once said, ‘life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.’ Here are some affirmations for patience that will guide you.

Affirmations For Patience

Today I choose patience.

I am filled with calm and stillness.

I trust that everything will happen in its own time.

affirmations for patience

The Universe will give me everything I desire when it is the right time.

I breathe in love and patience.

I feel at ease while waiting.

The seas are calm and I am drifting happily.


I pause to listen.

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I feel content to wait.

I breathe in and out.

affirmations for patience

I relax the muscles in my jaw and neck.

I have all the patience in the world.

I am filled with patience and peace.

I am patient with myself.


The Universe has divine timing.

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I treat others with patience and respect.

I listen with patience and love.

I am filled with calm acceptance.

All good things are coming to me.

I gently release expectations.

I am a safe space for others.


As I breathe, I take space.

I relax and enjoy the journey.

I am joyful and content with my progress.

My heart is open to miraculous things happening to me.

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I am patient with my healing.

I am patient with others.

I honor the time it takes for everything to manifest.


I trust the Universe’s timing.

I am committed to my soul’s purpose, regardless of how long it takes.

Healing takes time, and I embrace the process.

affirmations for patience

I am patient with results.

I respond gently and patiently.

I focus on my breath.

Everything I need comes to me exactly at the right moment.

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