Top 35 Affirmations For Acceptance

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Life is full of different experiences, the good, the bad, the happy and special moments, the sorrowful and hurtful times. But in all, you have to learn from every experience you have. Embrace what you have in your life right now but seek for a way to improve it. These affirmations for acceptance will help you embrace life’s best.

Affirmations For Acceptance

I accept everything in my life.

As I go through life, all situations help to empower me, inspire me, and give me direction.

I accept the small joys woven throughout my life.


I accept responsibility for my words and actions.

I humbly accept that which I cannot change and happily take on that which I can.

I give freely.

I am full of acceptance and love.


I relax, allow, and release.

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I fully accept my reality.

I am fully grateful for everything in my life.


I allow and accept all of my life into my heart.

I embrace that which teaches me and empowers me.

I use everything in my life to lift myself up and empower myself.

I accept that I, like everything in life, will die one day.


I embrace the power that I have RIGHT NOW.

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I accept the power of the universe.

I concentrate my energy on the fabulous things in my life and let everything else go.

I have amazing things happening in my life!

As I accept that I have the power of the Universe in me, I also accept and allow everything else to flow.

I am in flow.

I accept life as a stunning manifestation of my thoughts and beliefs.


I allow light of the Universe into my life.

I allow my life force to flow.

I accept myself as I am.

I accept compliments.

I accept others as they are.

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I give positive thoughts and feelings freely.

I find the learning opportunity in every situation.


I give and accept money easily.

I am at peace with myself.

I dig deep when I am doubting myself to find the power of my soul.


I accept and embrace the past and what it has taught me.

I acknowledge all the amazing things that life has taught me over the years.

I accept that which I cannot change.

I accept my differences and the things that make me unique.

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