Top 30 Inspiring Halle Berry Quotes On Self Confidence

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Halle Berry is a popular American actress. She started her career as model. Berry has starred several romantic and family comedies. For her excellent performance, she has received a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Here are some Halle Berry Quotes that will inspire you.

Inspiring Halle Berry Quotes

“Facials are my biggest beauty indulgence. Looking good is about having a good base. It’s about taking care of your skin.” ~ Halle Berry

“Don’t take yourself too seriously. Know when to laugh at yourself, and find a way to laugh at obstacles that inevitably present themselves.” ~ Halle Berry

“Beauty is not just physical. It’s about what you stand for, how you live your life.” ~ Halle Berry

Halle Berry Quotes

“There have been so many people who have said to me, ‘You can’t do that,’ but I’ve had an innate belief that they were wrong. Be unwavering and relentless in your approach.” ~ Halle Berry

“Sexiness is a state of mind – a comfortable state of being. It’s about loving yourself in your most unlovable moments.” ~ Halle Berry

“The first step is clearly defining what it is you’re after, because without knowing that, you’ll never get it.”


“I take care of myself, because I learned early on that I am the only person in life who’s responsible for me.” ~ Halle Berry

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“When you have short hair, there’s just a feeling of here I am. What you see is what you get. And there’s a confidence that comes with wearing short hair and I like the way that makes me feel.” ~ Halle Berry

“I’m just going to live my life and be who I am.” ~ Halle Berry

Halle Berry Quotes

“When you grow up in a multi-ethnic environment, you see the world differently. Being a mixed-race child, I didn’t always see colour in people, I really didn’t. It was other people that made me see the colour all the time.” ~ Halle Berry

“I no longer scramble blindly through hardship. I no longer emerge from a bad time feeling relieved just to have survived. Instead of despairing, I try to find the lesson within the experience.” ~ Halle Berry

“When I was a kid, my mother told me that if you could not be a good loser, then there’s no way you could be a good winner.”


“I think it’s always best to be who you are.” ~ Halle Berry

“I meditate and pray all the time. The faith and respect that I have in the power of God in my life is what I’ve used to keep myself grounded, and it has allowed me to move away from the storms that were in my life.” ~ Halle Berry

“Any time you risk big you often risk losing big. You can win big but you can also lose big, but you have to be willing to take those risks.” ~ Halle Berry

Halle Berry Quotes

“When an opportunity comes your way, it’s about making sure you’re prepared to be the one who can walk through the door and deliver the goods. And I’ve had a lot of luck on my side and I’ve been prepared for that luck.” ~ Halle Berry

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“This moment is so much bigger than me. It’s for every nameless, faceless woman of colour that now has a chance because this door tonight has been opened.” ~ Halle Berry

“If you set out to do something and you give it your all and it doesn’t work out, be willing to modify your goal slightly. Have the ability to look in another direction. A small shift could guide you to the real purposes of your life.”


“There’s a place in me that can really relate to being the underdog. I’m always fighting to overcome the obstacle. I can really understand what’s that about.” ~ Halle Berry

“While being called beautiful is extremely flattering, I would much rather be noticed for my work as an actress.” ~ Halle Berry

“For me, the walk of the character is always the first part that I must define for myself.” ~ Halle Berry

“Let me tell you something – being thought of as a beautiful woman has spared me nothing in life. No heartache, no trouble. Love has been difficult. Beauty is essentially meaningless and it is always transitory.” ~ Halle Berry

“To make lips look naturally pink, I put on red lipstick, wipe it off, and then apply clear gloss.” ~ Halle Berry

“I think I’ve evolved into someone pretty confident – in myself and in my skin.”


“My whole life I’ve had the fear that I was going to be abandoned.” ~ Halle Berry

“I know that I will never find my father in any other man who comes into my life, because it is a void in my life that can only be filled by him.” ~ Halle Berry

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“During really difficult times in my life when I start questioning why I am struggling with something, I often turn to books to understand myself better.” ~ Halle Berry.

“The times may have changed, but the people are still the same. We’re still looking for love, and that will always be our struggle as human beings.” ~ Halle Berry

“I’ve pretty much learned I can let being black hinder me if I want to … or I can fight for different kinds of roles.” ~ Halle Berry

“Being a black woman, I’ve often felt I’ve been judged by my sex and my race, and I have always known that it shouldn’t hamper me.” ~ Halle Berry

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