Top 30 Daily Affirmations For Exams

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As a student, the pressure to pass an examination is quite intense. Before you study, you need to first empower you mind, tell yourself you would understand everything and you would ace the course. Your success lies in your mind and in what believe. The only thing stopping you is your lack of confidence in your ability. Here are some empowering affirmations for exams to help you.

Affirmations For Exams

I am a great student

I study often

I pass exams easily

Affirmations For Exams

I enjoy taking tests

I study hard

I look forward to studying


I ignore distractions

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I have good grades

I always focused on my studies

Affirmations For Exams

I succeed in stressful situations

I will pass my exams

I am becoming adept at studying


I will get good grades

I am learning to enjoy studying

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I will thrive under pressure

Affirmations For Exams

I will be relaxed during exams

I will enjoy the challenge of a tough exam

I will stay focused while studying


I will begin studying long before exams are scheduled

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I will recall information quickly

Focusing feels natural to me

Studying hard comes naturally to me

Others expect me to get good grades

Getting good grades is natural for me

Passing exams comes easily to me

My memory is sharp

Good study habits are ingrained in me

Recalling information is easy

Taking tests is enjoyable

Exams are fun

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