Top 20 Inspiring Naomi Osaka Quotes To Reach For The Best

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Naomi Osaka is a Japanese tennis player. She is the first Japanese player to win the Grand Slam Singles by defeating Serena Williams. She was able to surpass Serena Williams as the highest-earning female athlete. She is known for her simplicity and shy nature.
Naomi was able to defeat the person she looked up to become the best and you can too. Here are some of her quotes that will inspire you.

Inspiring Naomi Osaka Quotes

“I’m always smiling.” – Naomi Osaka

“I can’t let myself act immature, in a way.” – Naomi Osaka

“Even when I was a little kid, I always dreamed that I would play Serena in a final of a Grand Slam.” – Naomi Osaka

“For me, it’s, like, no secret that Serena is my favorite.”

– Naomi Osaka

“I don’t think you can win a Grand Slam and not be confident in yourself.” – Naomi Osaka

“You just gotta keep going and fighting for everything, and one day you’ll get to where you want.” – Naomi Osaka

“I think, for me, I just really want to have fun with every match that I play because tennis is a game.” – Naomi Osaka

“I feel like I play better when I’m calm. There is an inner peace I can tap into sometimes during my matches.”

– Naomi Osaka

“You can easily get depressed. Usually, if you play sports, you think that one match or one game is very important, and when you lose it, you think your whole world is over.” – Naomi Osaka

“When you’re little, you’re taught not to look at, like, if your opponent gets angry or anything.” – Naomi Osaka

“When I play my match, everything else is completely not in my mind anymore.” – Naomi Osaka

“Most people know me for U.S. Open, right? And during U.S. Open, I didn’t show any emotions most of the time. But then after that, I did show – well, in my opinion, it was a lot of emotions. I got upset, and then I threw my racket or stuff like that.” – Naomi Osaka

“For me, every practice and match I’ve played, it feels like the year is short and long at the same time. I’m aware of all the work I put in.” – Naomi Osaka

“I don’t know if anybody knows this, but Serena’s my favorite player. Just playing against her is kind of like a dream for me, so I’m very grateful that I was able to play her, and it’s even better that I was able to win.” – Naomi Osaka

“Every time I have a dream, somehow I accomplish it.” – Naomi Osaka

“Everyone around me has more confidence in me than I do in myself.”

– Naomi Osaka

“In a perfect dream, things would be set exactly the way you would want them. But I think it’s more interesting that in real life, things aren’t exactly the way you planned.” – Naomi Osaka

“If there is one positive thing I can say about myself, it’s that I learn quickly, so, for me it has been fun because I like to apply what I did wrong in the past, and I think that is what I was able to do today.” – Naomi Osaka

“How I came this far is a miracle but you can too” – Naomi Osaka

“My mum has sacrificed a lot for me, and it means a lot for her to come and watch my matches.” – Naomi Osaka

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