Life-Changing Lessons From Anthony Joshua’s Loss to Victory

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Anthony Joshua won his first 22 pro fights and was a heavyweight champion of the world between 2016 and 2019 until a shocking loss to Andy Ruiz Jr. His loss came as a big shock to him and as a great lesson. One he learned a great deal from.

Six months after a terrific knockout loss, Anthony Joshua regained control of the heavyweight division and put both his career and status as a global boxing superstar back on track. Joshua was upset for his loss and came back 11 pounds lighter than his loss in June. This time he outboxed Andy Ruiz Jr. in Saturday’s rematch to regain his WBA, WBO, and IBF titles by a wide unanimous decision.

There are several lessons you can learn from Anthony Joshua’s loss to regaining his titles as a true champion. Here are 5 lessons to learn from AJ’s defeat to victory.

Make No Excuses

If you ever want to get things done, make no excuses.

“I make no excuses. My boy [Dereck] Chisora said I could do this if I was willing to d-i-e [but] this is boxing,” Joshua said. “I gave [Ruiz] his credit in the first fight. There are no excuses.”

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Learn From Your Failures

Anthony Joshua has been successful in his fights but his loss brought with it a great lesson.

Life-Changing Lessons From Anthony Joshua's Loss to Victory

Acknowledge and accept that you failed when you fail. What’s more important is that you learn from the lessons your failures carry with it. Restrategize, readapt your next moves and get back up.

“I respect Andy and his trainer so much but I wanted to put on a great master class and show that the sweet science of this sport is about hitting and not getting hit.”

Turn Your Loss Into Positive Motivation

Joshua put his defeat earlier behind him, rather than dwell in it and moved on.

Life-Changing Lessons From Anthony Joshua's Loss to Victory
Anthony Joshua, Under Armour – I WILL

He said “I didn’t lose heart or fire in my belly,” Joshua continued. “There is no fear in my heart, my eyes or my mind. I didn’t lose any commitment.

“There was a big change and a big shift in the division so it definitely feels different.

“I turn this stuff into a positive otherwise it will eat you up, and will fold into a way that I don’t want it to go. I had to own the situation and make it work for me.”

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble

Anthony Joshua humbled by his loss in June to Andy Ruiz Jr. never lost his hunger to get back up. His insatiable hunger for success got him back up after hitting the ground.

Life-Changing Lessons From Anthony Joshua's Loss to Victory
Anthony Joshua re-gains his heavyweight titles!

“As I always say, I’m not perfect but I’m trying. Never a change in mentality. You know the saying — stay hungry, stay humble. I’m hungry, I’m humble in defeat and I’m going to remain humble in victory.”

Be Prepared

“It’s all about preparation,” Joshua said. “One day when I release a book on my career, I’ll talk about my experiences. Anyone can do it, life is a roller coaster. I took my loss and came back. “If you heard, we are going to do it a third [fight].”

Being prepared has indeed shown that it is detrimental for anyone to succeed in anything.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”― Benjamin Franklin

Did you watch the rematch? Are there any lessons you learned and could share about his AJ’s victory?

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