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How I Discovered My Mission In Life

Hi there, welcome to today’s interview session with Czagler Zsuzsa, A Motivational Maps Business Practitioner, Trainer in Hungary, ICF ACC Coach, Mentor, NLP Master, and Managing Director, VIP Valued Inspired People., Czagler Zsuzsa will share how she discovered her mission in life. Thank you for joining me, Zsuzsa on

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do

Currently, I am working as a Motivational Map Consultant, Coach, and Trainer. I work with teams and leaders in organizations to help find their motivation. It’s my mission to help them get motivated, find their key motivators, understand what drives them and how they can be inclined to in their workplace.

With this, I help transition, unmotivated teams, develop leaders, and teams into highly motivated, high-performing individuals. In addition, I train coaches and other trainers to use the Motivational maps methodology in their training programs.

How I Discovered My Mission In Life | The Success Elite
Czagler Zsuzsa, Motivational Map Consultant, Coach, and Trainer.

What’s the story behind how you became a coach?

I have been working as a managing director for a media company for 16 years and was successful in it. However, I realized I was struggling in my personal life and found myself running like a hamster on wheels. I started looking out for help to solve the problems I was facing. I sort for help from psychologists, therapists, spiritual healers, and finally, came across a neuro-linguistic programming program that was practical, understandable and began working with it. In the process, it contributed to my work, personal life and I felt happier.

A colleague of mine at work while I was still at my previous company had similar problems and was stuck. I suggested some exercises from the neuro-linguistic programming program to her, and it helped her find her mission in life. She experienced improvements and found happiness in what she did.

In 2016, I got to a stage in my company where I was completely unmotivated and burned out. I had no idea the real reason behind why I was burned out so I left the company. That moment, I knew that the only thing I wanted to do was to help others not to get into this state in their life where they are burned out and unmotivated.

How I Discovered My Mission In Life | The Success Elite
Czagler Zsuzsa, Motivational Map Consultant, Coach, and Trainer.

I didn’t want to take a psychological course that takes several years, so I choose to coach and that’s how my journey as a coach began. After about a year and a half later, I came across a motivational maps program and was fascinated by it. With this I became a Motivational Map Business Consultant helping people, teams, leaders find their passion, define their mission in life, stay motivated and live life with a purpose.

Why is it important to have a coach in business, organizations and personal life?

After my experience with neuro-linguistic programming, I realized that people work in a way like programs, they show certain behaviors that usually emerge from their childhood or environment. When there’s a certain situation that creates a certain emotion around it causing her to create a certain response to that emotion, that response gets stored in her brain. Whenever such a situation arises, it triggers the same emotion which also triggers the response. This becomes a behavioral pattern that explains why people don’t know why they do certain things in response to an event in their lives. 

Having a coach helps in identifying the root cause of the emotion which triggers the response and helping them change it in their personal life. Through thought-provoking questions and neuro-linguistic programming tools, the coach will help people become self-aware, conscious of why they do certain things or respond in a certain way in life. Help you understand yourself better and discover ways you can improve yourself.

The same could be said about organizations and businesses when managers try to figure out why their employees are demotivated or burned out. And how they can help improve the attitude of their team members to work.

What are the areas where coaching is needed?

I would say in every aspect of life where one is stuck, feeling lost, needs guidance on how to progress, or solve their problem. Areas, where they get stuck, could be in their relationships, workplace, business, health, personal life, and areas where they need clarity before making a critical decision. Coaching helps in problem-solving, gaining clarity on what you want, goal setting, eradicating obstacles, and improving performance.

Based on your experience, how did coaching impact your life?

When I started coaching, it became a journey for me to self-awareness. I became aware of the things that influenced my decisions, thoughts, and feelings. Then I came across Motivational Map,  which made me understand the reason why I was no longer motivated and left the company I was building as a Managing Director.

There were instances at my previous media company where I was the managing director and some really talented members of my team left the company. I was always shocked, questioning “why do you leave?” I couldn’t comprehend why they left the company even though the salary was good, the environment was very friendly with a great team. It was a big question for me but after being through coaching and the motivational map training, I understood. They had different motivators. 

For several years I didn’t understand that I was speaking their motivational language and I didn’t pay attention to what really inspired them. Since their core motivators weren’t aligned with the job, they decided to leave. At that moment I realized that coaching and motivational map were tools that could help managers be aware of what motivates them, and how they could help their team members stay motivated at work.

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In what ways can you help people become more productive at work, choose a career, start a business or manage a team in an organization?

As a coach and Motivational map consultant, I can help determine the key drivers of any individual or team and how they can continue to sustain that drive. Are they driven by relationships, achievement, or growth? Motivation is like being fired up, being enthusiastic with sparkling eyes.

With guidance through motivational maps, I help an individual or team determine what’s holding them back, what really drives them, be it learning new things, being with friends, creating, or wanting to change the world. For instance, if someone is fired up to change the world or make a big impact on people’s lives and applies for an accounting job. Will that person change the world if she doesn’t know how she can through accounting? In the long run, she could lose her internal fire as her job isn’t aligned with what truly drives her.

Whatever it may be that you want to do, with motivational maps you can discover your main motivations, and determine what options are fitting with your core motivation in life. With this, you will discover what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. So your choices can be in alignment with what drives you and that results in happiness, high performance, and lots more.

What books, podcasts, resources helped you on your path to becoming a coach?

There are lots of NLP books but I always recommend NLP courses. I took part in five days of NLP training which was about finding your mission. Another great resource is the Motivational Maps, there are four books already about motivational maps. When I took the training of the motivational maps, I realized then that managing people wasn’t what I really wanted to do and that really helped me find my mission in life. It was the first time I could clearly define my mission in life.

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What advice would you give to those who want to find their mission in life?

If you have a dream you want to achieve be sure to understand why want to make it real. Understand why you have the dream and what it means to you. It usually helps to have someone who can help you determine what that dream is to you and why you want to live it.

I had a client who gave me feedback in our last session. She didn’t understand why she was in the business she was doing. At the end of the session, she said found her mission. Today she is successful in her career and happy doing what she does.

Where Can People Connect With You?

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