Awaken A Better Version of You to Achieve Your Goals

By Anthony Ejiogu
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It’s a day of Awakening. Be inspired to start acting on your goals and dreams. And to not lose sight of them no matter the difficulties you face along the way.

Transcript (Awaken Motivational Video)

Guess what day it is! Judgment day? NO!! It’s a day of Awakening. A moment to pause and listen before you hit the stop button. It’s a time to step backward to the beginning of the year.

When you were excited even celebrated the new year’s eve with family, friends, colleagues in hopes of great things to come.

You were positive, energized, envisioned wonderful things you could accomplish and change.

You made new year’s resolutions you never resolved to keep.

You set goals to live a healthy lifestyle, face your fears, be happy, get out of debt, get into shape, build yourself into the person you want to be, quit bad habits, but your habits worsened.
You want to grow but cling to your comfort zone.
You complain about not having enough but spend the little you have on things you don’t need.
You spoke about getting your dream job, but you refuse to acquire skills the dream job requires.
You promised to never give up, yet you gave up at the first thought of failure.
You promised to go after your dreams, to work on your ideas but you lost sight of them.
You even made plans just to set goals yet your goals remained plans.
You made all these plans and more but you procrastinate saying “I will do it tomorrow!”.
You forget time is constant, always at pace. Once past, it cannot be regained.

Steve Jobs said “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months have passed. Where are you on your goals, your plans, your vision, my dreams?

You may say OH!! I had setbacks, faced countless challenges that kept me from moving towards your goals.

No no no no! that’s not the reality, The reality is this; challenges aren’t meant to stop you but help you grow cause without it your goals aren’t worth it. Without it life void of meaning and value. Without challenge, you will never discover who you are and what you are capable of.

Though yesterday is gone and gone forever. It’s not over yet. You still have today to make something out of your time. You can achieve your goals.

Reflect on your journey so far. Recall why you set them, your REASON behind them. Reevaluate where you are on your goals, what you accomplished and what you didn’t, what you could improve. Are your goals realistic? Do they challenge, excite and drive you to grow?

Rewrite your goals. Restructure them into daily action plans. Restore your drive to push through no matter the obstacle. Rekindle that fire in you.

Retrace your steps then start acting on your goals with the time you have which is now.

It’s time to Awaken a better version of YOU. Today is the day!

It is my hope that you awaken a better you, one who never gives up on that dream or goal. One who looks challenge in the eye and says “come at me” because they know, growth is what comes beyond it.

P.S. Confidence is one of a few qualities that awakens a better version of you, read more about Self-confidence here.

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