7 Common Goal-Setting Mistakes To Avoid This Year

By Anthony Ejiogu
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2020 has been one of the most difficult times in decades, one with a lot of challenges, many of which were obstructions to the goals we set in 2020. However, a new opportunity is here and as you begin to plan your year, it is worth noting the common goal-setting mistakes you can avoid to set yourself up for growth and make the most of 2021.

Here are 7 common goal-setting mistakes you can avoid right now to make the best out of this year.

Goal-Setting Mistake #1 No clear vision

Can you hit a target if you don’t see what the target is?

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.Helen Keller

Vision is seeing the big picture which provides clarity your goals.

You have already applied this in some of your daily activities like when going for a grocery store. Your first thought would be to get the groceries you need and then you start looking for the available means of transport or route to get there at a certain time.

That’s vision, seeing the end in mind and where you are going. Stephen covey in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” said, “Start with the end in mind”.

Goal-Setting Mistake #2 No written goals

A psychology professor on Huffington posts found that “you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.”

You are more likely to find mistakes in setting your goals once you have your goals written. Not writing your goals is a mistake that could lead you to fail before even you started working on your goals.

Remember this, if you think it, just ink it!

Don’t just say you have your goals in mind or thoughts, simply write them down.

Goal-Setting Mistake #3 – No deadline

“A goal without a timeline is just a dream.” — Robert Herjavec

Do you often set goals without a specific deadline or timeline? 

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It is important to know that having goals without a deadline is no goal at all. Think about it for a bit, if everything in life is bound by time, should your goals be any different. 

Without a deadline, a goal has no meaning. If you are already making this mistake of not setting a deadline for your goals, start by revisiting your goals and write a deadline for each of your goals.

Goal-Setting Mistake #4 – No action plan

It’s not enough to have goals, it needs a plan of action or steps to reach it. Think of action plans as a series of steps that would lead to you accomplishing your goal.

An action plan lays out the tasks you need to complete in order to accomplish your goal. These are small tasks that lead to your goals. Your plan of action would be those daily actions you take to build that body. 

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. When setting goals always have an action plan with tasks that lead to your goal. A good tip when creating your action plan:

  • Define your end goal
  • List the steps to be followed in order to accomplish those tasks
  • Prioritize them
  • Set Milestones
  • Identify the resources needed.
  • Monitor, evaluate, and update on a regular bases

Goal-Setting Mistake | Your goals don’t excite you

What would excite you when you wake up in the morning? Some goals you want to achieve are challenging and may require a certain level of discipline.

For you to accomplish any goal, it should be one that excites you, makes you feel good at the end of it. It is in fact a bad idea to set goals that bore you. In fact, you will fail sooner than you had planned if you set goals that aren’t exciting.

Whatever goals you are setting, be sure it’s one that creates a sense of excitement, you know what I mean.

Goal-Setting Mistake #6 – Ignoring other areas of your life

Neglecting other areas of your life and focusing on one area in goal setting is probably one of the biggest mistakes you could make. If you direct your focus on your career or business, your health or relationships suffer. 

You really don’t want that. Having a balance is always the best thought. There’s nothing more painful than being successful in reaching a goal in one area — and be suffer in other areas. 

All the other parts of your life make life enjoyable. Too much on one side, others suffer.

Reaching your financial goals and suffering from complex health problems isn’t something you want. How then can you prevent this from happening? It’s pretty straight forward.  Write down one goal for each area of your life and prioritize them accordingly.

Goal-Setting Mistake #7 – Your goals are not realistic

Look at what is going on right now with the pandemic. This is the reality and if your goal was travelling around the globe that isn’t realistic.

You can’t control certain things in life like nature, the economy, the coronavirus pandemic, or (most importantly”) other people. Only commit to the goals that are within your ability at a given time.

It is important that are smart goals. What do I mean by that,

SMART goals are goals that are: Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound

For your goals to be realistic it must be a SMART goal.

Final Thought

Before I go, I will like to leave you with something to remember, “In order to have the things you’ve never had, you must be willing to do the things you’ve never done”. Save your year and goals this year by avoiding these goal-setting mistakes.

Please don’t keep this guide to yourself, send this to someone you care about. We all need a dose of inspiration and practical insight.

You will also find a beautiful editable and printable planner you could use to plan your year. I sure hope you enjoy using it

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