10 Habits That Can Ruin Your Life

A habit is a pattern of consistent behaviors mostly performed subconsciously. Since habits are repetitive actions we take, they become a formative factor of our reality, and our lives become a reflection of them. Some can habits can ruin your life or make your life better.

As much as habits are spontaneous, they are a product of continuous conscious actions. Therefore, we must learn to harness our power to maximize actions to our advantage as individuals.

“Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.”

― Og Mandino

We are a creature of habit and it is note worthy to pay be aware of certain habits we form can ruin our life. Here are 10 habits that could potentially ruin your life, so you can replace them with better habits.

#1. Being Financial Indisciplined

To be financially disciplined is one’s ability to be accountable for every penny one makes and spends. On the other hand, financial indiscipline refers to when an individual doesn’t make decisions that favor their financial well-being.

Indulging negative habits such as gambling, excessive spending, impulsive spending, extravagance, etc. Basically, not being able to account for ‘per dollar count’ is one of the habits that can ruin your life in the long run.

10 Habits That Can Ruin Your Life

#2. Being Passive

Being passive means being subjected to an action without producing a reaction. Letting everything slide as they are even when you have the power to change them, especially when they need to be changed. This is mostly seen when an individual avoids confrontation and settles whether or not the situation is pleasant.

This is a negative habit because sometimes, we are the answers or the long-awaited change to a particular situation. Therefore you cannot afford to be passive. The future of people could depend on our actions. Passivity creates a mediocre lifestyle.

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#3. Convenience.

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines convenience as the quality of being useful, easy, or suitable for someone. Convenience is not necessarily a bad thing, but when it becomes the level at which we treat tasks, issues, and even relationships, then it can have us missing out on the best things of life.

How so? In life, convenience is never a mark of advancement. It connotes stunted growth because they never challenge us. It is necessary to move past the standard of convenience and take up necessary challenges, helping us grow. Relationally also, if we respond according to convenience, then that relationship is headed for the rocks. So get out of your comfort box. Convenience is one of the habits that can ruin your life.

#4. Overthinking.

While thinking is an essential part of our existence, dwelling on these thoughts, especially when we do not have any control over possible outcomes, is a toxic habit that can ruin your life. It leaves you anxious. It keeps you fixed in negative results instead of looking for a way forward, leading to unproductivity.

Another reality of overthinking could be seen when an individual jumps to a conclusion without facts. This can cloud one’s judgment and even go ahead to sabotage relationships. Hence, critical thinking is advised, but it then passes as one of the habits that can ruin your life when it crosses the bar.

#5. Not thinking.

At this point, you’re probably already asking, ‘what exactly do you mean?’. The last point didn’t imply a lack of engagement of your mental faculty. It simply states discretion. This point aims at reinforcing the necessity of thinking from the perspective of social engagement.

How’s that? Sometimes, we avoid alone time because ‘it’s boring? We forget that it’s how long we spend alone thinking about advancing our lives to determine the quality of our lives and choices. It is necessary to savor every personal time we can get and use it for as many personal advancing thoughts as possible.

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#6. Over Eating.

Because this article aims at addressing every necessary area of your eating habits have to be addressed. Come on! Stop taking that extra portion. You do not need it, neither does your body. It’s just you giving in to a toxic habit that will ruin your life. Learn to draw the line.

Have a portion measurement mechanism. Do not just down everything edible that comes your way. It affects your health in the long run. It leads to slow metabolism that would lead to obesity and unproductive. Worse off, it could lead to death.

10 Habits That Can Ruin Your Life

#7. Lack Of Sleep.

Research proves that sleep promotes the formation of new brain nerve cell connections. This implies that sleep can not be outdone. It is a necessity. Some of its advantages include mental relaxation, fatigue prevention, physical refreshment, and body metabolism improvement. Unfortunately, sleep is the most unutilized stress relief measure.

Lack of sleep can result in stress disorder, obesity, diabetes, shortness of life expectancy, faster aging, amnesia, fatigue, etc.

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#8. Excessive Binging.

Binging means a period of continuous consumption, usually of food, drugs, alcohol, or screen time. Yes, the most popular form of binging nowadays is watching shows on our screens. The truth is, for things like this, the disadvantage always outweighs the good. Excessive consumption of anything is a toxic habit. It could lead to addiction, unproductive, sickness, among other very hazardous results.

#9. Not Planning.

Some earlier points may have brought this to your mind. That proves how essential planning is to our lives. These days, 24 hours doesn’t seem to be enough for all our daily activities. But the truth is we really don’t account for our time. Each minute should matter to you if you want to be successful. If you seem to be running on deadlines a lot, you may want to try planning your day and exploring other time management options.

#10. Not Prioritizing Your Health.

Our bodies are like a car with numerous functions like traveling, carrying loads, and others. No matter the model, brand, and type, if your car has an engine breakdown, you cannot use it for anything.

Similarly, if we do not take care of our healths, we would be stuck on many assignment junctions. We have to prioritize our health and physical wellbeing because this affects our life more directly.

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