Top 35 Inspiring Floyd Mayweather Quotes To Work Hard

Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers alive. He always stated that he had boxing in his gene since his dad and uncles were also successful boxers. He has won several titles and accolades, including, ‘Fighter of the Decade.’
Despite the fact that he grew up in a troubled home and had to quit school, he still pursued his dream to become a boxer. Here are some of his quotes that will inspire you to work hard

Inspiring Floyd Mayweather quotes

“Everybody is blessed with a certain talent, you have to know what that talent is, you have to maximize it and push it to the limit.” – Floyd Mayweather

“Showing is better than telling.” – Floyd Mayweather

“I believe in my skills, I believe in my talent. If no one believes in Floyd Mayweather, I believe in me.” – Floyd Mayweather

“Tough times do not last, tough people do.” – Floyd Mayweather

“Everything people say I couldn’t do, I’ve done.” – Floyd Mayweather

“Any true champion can bounce back. That’s being a champion- being able to deal with adversity and being able to bounce back.” – Floyd Mayweather

“Never cry. Never complain. Just work.”

–Floyd Mayweather

“You have good days and you have bad days, but the main thing is to grow mentally.” – Floyd Mayweather

“To be the best, you have to work overtime.” – Floyd Mayweather

“No athlete works harder than Floyd Mayweather. Nobody is faster than Floyd Mayweather.” – Floyd Mayweather

“Fame is cool, but I believe in success.” – Floyd Mayweather

“I don’t feel that no fighter has the mental or physical agility to match Floyd Mayweather.” – Floyd Mayweather

“I don’t have to run from none of these fighters. If I want to keep my defense tight and break em’ down I can.” – Floyd Mayweather

“It’s the hurt business, it’s boxing. We’re there to get it in.”

– Floyd Mayweather Quotes

“Shit happens in the sport of boxing. You wanted to see a KO, that’s what I gave you.” – Floyd Mayweather

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“There are all these athletes out there cheating. I am clean and pure.” – Floyd Mayweather

“Once I beat a guy, mentally and physically, he’s never the same.” – Floyd Mayweather

“I don’t fight for bragging rights. I’ve proved myself.” – Floyd Mayweather

“I don’t fold under pressure, great athletes perform better under pressure, so put pressure on me.” – Floyd Mayweather

“When it’s all said & done only God can judge me. I’m going to go out there on 5/5 to give my fans what they want to see.” – Floyd Mayweather

“A true champion will fight through anything.”

– Floyd Mayweather

“You have to protect yourself at all times. What goes around comes around.” – Floyd Mayweather

“I come from a very rough background, and I’m saying that if you work hard and dedicate yourself that you can make it, too.” – Floyd Mayweather

“Boxing is real easy. Life is much harder.” – Floyd Mayweather

“Self-preservation is an important thing to me.” – Floyd Mayweather

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“There comes a time when money doesn’t matter.” – Floyd Mayweather

“You hear certain things, negative things, all the time that aren’t true, but you never hear about the positive.” – Floyd Mayweather

“My whole outlook on life is, never judge a book by its cover.”

– Floyd Mayweather Quotes

“I like to play table tennis, spend time with my kids.” – Floyd Mayweather

“Boxing’s in my genes. I come from a fighting background. My dad and both my uncles were good boxers. I’m blessed with the art of war.” – Floyd Mayweather

“I think my grandmother saw my potential first. When I was young, I told her, ‘I think I should get a job.’ She said, ‘No, just keep boxing.’” – Floyd Mayweather

“I needed my father tonight. My defense was on point, and he told me to stick with my defense, and that the less you get hit, the longer you last.” – Floyd Mayweather

“I’m a man of my word.” – Floyd Mayweather

“If you fight angry, you make a lot of mistakes, and when you fight a sharp, witty fighter like me, you can’t make mistakes.” – Floyd Mayweather

“I’m a boxer who believes that the object of the sport is to hit and not get hit.” – Floyd Mayweather