Top 35 Daily Affirmations For Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an act that frees the soul. Let go of the pains in your heart, forgive yourself and the people around you. Here are some affirmations for forgiveness that will teach you to let go.

Inspiring Affirmations For Forgiveness

I am free from the prison of resentment.

Resentment replicates old turmoil and I choose my life to be drama free.

I do not confuse people from my past with people in the present.

Affirmations For Forgiveness

I acknowledge my faults and forgive myself completely.

I make peace (inside) with anyone who has done wrong.

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Forgiveness is a gift to myself.

I follow the principle of “live and let live.”

My parents did the best they could. I forgive them for any wrong that they unknowingly did and forgive myself for holding a grudge against them.

When I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.

Forgiveness gives me a fresh start and a clean slate.

I forgive to stop the negative karmic cycle in my life.

Each day is filled with new possibilities.

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Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

The past is done. I now live in the present.

I am the architect of my future.

I am a pioneer of the future and not a prisoner of the past.

I am forgiving, loving, gentle and kind to everyone.

I lay down the heavy weight of doubt, shame, guilt, embarrassment and self-hate.

Intention is my catalyst for my ideal future.

I am capable of moving beyond my own mistakes.

I am able to heal from the hurt of my past.

I am worthy of all the compassion and kindness in the world.

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I forgive myself one day at a time.

I release the pain of anger and rage from my body.

Affirmations For Forgiveness

I release my past and forgive my participation in it.

I accept my past and learn from it.

I practice understanding and compassion.

I did the best I could at the time with what I knew.

I have the courage to heal any wound.

I will treat myself with love and respect.

I love myself and all that I am.

Affirmations For Forgiveness

I go with the flow.

I grow more patient and understanding of others by forgiving myself.

I cease all self-judgement and self-sabotage.

I the energy of love and forgiveness to surround me.