Top 35 Daily Affirmations For Fear

Fear is one of the fastest ways to end your dreams. It creates a false vision that tells you, you can’t do it. You have the ideas and the abilities to achieve your dream, but the only thing stopping you is fear. Let go of that fear. Once you move past that fear, you are half way through to your goal. Here are some affirmations for fear that will encourage you.

Affirmations For Fear

I am willing to release my fears.

I breathe in strength and breathe out fear.

I am confident and determined.

Every day now I am living fearlessly.

I free myself from all destructive thoughts of fears and doubts.

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I release the past with ease and trust the process of life.

I let go of any judgments of myself.


I live in a safe and secure world.

I can handle anything that comes my way.

I am brave enough to take chances.

I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart.

I rise above thoughts that attempt to make me angry or afraid.

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My setbacks make me stronger.

I am full of confidence and enthusiasm.


I embrace the mistakes I have made because they help me grow.

My struggles are opportunities to grow.

I have what it takes to conquer my fears.

I am willing to release the need for this protection.

My abilities are limitless.

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I am finding it easier to move forward without fear.

I am now willing to see only my magnificence.


Facing my fears empowers me.

Nothing will hold me back from living my dreams.

I have the courage to do anything I want.

I am strong, independent, and courageous.

I am fearless and brave.

I am capable of achieving my goals.

My confidence continues to grow.


I am overcoming all obstacles.

I am creating the life of my dreams.

I release fear, tension, and stress.

I am protected by the Universe.

I have nothing to be afraid of.

My fears will not stand in the way of my goals.

I am resilient and never give up.