Top 30 Daily Affirmations For Athletes

Athletics needs not just physical strength but mental strength as well. As an athlete you should always be positive, believe in yourself and in your ability. Each time you doubt yourself or your team, your ability wanes. Let these affirmations for athletes teach you to be confident.

Affirmations For Athletes

I enjoy practicing hard.

I always win and love the feeling of winning.

I naturally have high stamina.

Moving quickly comes naturally to me.I am dedicated and excited to practice.

I am an amazing athlete.

I have amazing stamina.


I am a strong competitor.

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I am committed to my training.

I am faster than the wind.

I will continue to perform my best under pressure.

I am turning into the greatest athlete.

I will push myself to become the best athlete in my sport.


Through practice I will achieve my full athletic potential.

My stamina is constantly increasing.

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I will always be focused on winning.

Every day my skills become stronger and stronger.

I will always enjoy the training process.

I naturally achieve all my athletic goals through hard work.


I naturally have strong athletic abilities.

Motivation is easy for me to find when training.

I have a very high level of endurance.

I will practice every day.

I will always surpass the athletic expectations others have.

I have always loved training harder than my competitors.


I naturally focus my mind when I need to concentrate.

I can jump high.

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I am a highly skilled athlete.

I am a winner at whatever I compete in.

I am a fast person.

My team is the best there is.