Top 25 Will Ferrell Quotes on Happiness

Top 25 Will Ferrell Quotes on Happiness
Top 25 Will Ferrell Quotes on Happiness

John William Ferrell born July 16, 1967) is an American actor, comedian, producer, and writer. He first established himself in the mid-1990s as a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, where he performed from 1995 to 2002, and has subsequently starred in comedy films such as Elf (2003), Kicking & Screaming (2005), Talladega Nights:

The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006), Semi-Pro (2008), and Land of the Lost (2009). He founded the comedy website Funny or Die in 2007 with his writing partner Adam McKay. Other notable film roles include The Other Guys (2010), The Campaign (2012), Get Hard (2015), Holmes & Watson (2018), and the animated films Curious George (2006) and Megamind (2010).

Ferrell is considered a member of the “Frat Pack”, a generation of leading Hollywood comic actors who emerged in the late 1990s and the 2000s, including Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Steve Carell, Vince Vaughn, and brothers Owen and Luke Wilson.

He received an Emmy Award nomination for his work on Saturday Night Live, and three Golden Globe Award nominations for acting in The Producers (2005) and Stranger than Fiction (2006) and for producing Vice (2018). He was also named the best comedian of 2015 in the British GQ Men of the Year awards. Ferrell received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 24, 2015.

“Here’s the deal; I’m the best there is. Plain and simple.”—Will Ferrell

“There’s always going to be someone as funny as you or funnier.”—Will Ferrell

“Immature is a word that boring people use to describe fun people.”—Will Ferrell

“When homeless people ask me for change, I tell them change comes from within.”—Will Ferrell

“My bed and I are deeply in love. It’s obvious my Alarm clock is jealous.”—Will Ferrell

“Let your curiosity lead you.”—Will Ferrell

“Anyone can memorize facts and figures. The real way to learn anything is to go out and experience it.”—Will Ferrell

“If you set up an environment where failing is encouraged then you want to try everything.”—Will Ferrell

“I’m really an artist of feeling. I like creating things when it feels right.”—Will Ferrell

“I guess ultimately a lot of comedians just wanna be taken seriously.”—Will Ferrell

“I changed all my passwords to ‘incorrect’. So my computer just tells me when I forget.”—Will Ferrell

“I’ve always had, when I needed it, an extreme amount of focus that I could put into something. That has served me well.”—Will Ferrell

“Aren’t we all striving to be overpaid for what we do?”—Will Ferrell

“Anyone who does anything creative is always gonna want to change.”—Will Ferrell

“I always just forced myself to do crazy things in public.”—Will Ferrell

“No matter how much you screw up your life, you can fix it.”—Will Ferrell

“It’d be great to be in a position where you can make choices regardless of money.”—Will Ferrell

“If you can sing alone, you sing in front of other people. There’s no difference.”—Will Ferrell

“Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”—Will Ferrell

“Kinda funny how the colors red, white, and blue represents freedom. Until they are flashing behind you.”—Will Ferrell

“All I’m asking for is total perfection.”—Will Ferrell

“Tip to reduce weight: turn your head to the left then turn it right. Repeat this exercise every time you are offered something to eat.”—Will Ferrell

“I’ve always wanted to sail around the world in a handmade boat, and I built a boat.”—Will Ferrell

“I’ve never been a conceited person or cocky, never felt boastful, but I always had a sense of self-worth; I always had a real sense of myself.”—Will Ferrell

“The funny guy doesn’t get the girl until later in life.”—Will Ferrell

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.”—Will Ferrell