Story 7 – Positive Mindset

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I was just a child when I was told that nobody could ever make it in my family, that we are born poor. I was also told that in the history of my family poverty is in our linage but as a young girl with a vision, I decided to take a step forward.

My classmates mock and make fun of me even to the extent of clapping for me. My mom will say to me, Blessing I have told you that we are poor, don’t hang with the rich. With tears running down I said to my mom, I was born poor but I refuse to be poor forever.

That was how our destiny was changed. The situation you are in is not the end of your life. People may be telling you today that nothing good comes, from your family, that’s poverty is in your blood you are born with it so live with it is an error, overcoming the challenge is one of the elements of positive thinking and a positive mindset. Don’t allow the condition of your family to affect your life and purpose in life, you overcoming the challenges is basically the key thing. You must be focused to reach your destination.

My mom made me feel limited, but I remained focused. Do you know why? Because I had a dream that was the change in the condition of my family member. In school, my teacher loved me because I was very smart and funny too but I had no friends.

My classmates don’t like me, the reason being that I was poor and nothing good could come out from my family… But I think keeps me going that I will make it in life the fact that my mom and dad were poor does not make me poor except I decided to remain poor. I must break the limit, I must be strong, put God first in all I do.

You are the master of your own destiny, don’t allow others to be the judge of your life, me being hopeful that one day I will make it in life is a positive mindset on getting your goal you must be smart and also have self-confident believe in yourself and don’t be a disconnect with your vision a master of your own destiny don’t allow people take advantage of your stay focus listing to people who are older than you in age because they know more than you.

Your ability to take action in the fulfillment of your destiny. You are smart, don’t look down on yourself. You are beautiful just the way you are. Have a positive response to things happening around you, see it’s as a step forward to your destination and mind the way you think. Always say positive things to yourself, always believe that you can do it. Don’t limit yourself… You are the master of your own destiny always have that at the back of your mind. Believe in yourself.

Lessons Learned

Being focus is very important regardless of the situation…or condition life gives.

About The Writer

Iberike blessing is a student from Nigeria.

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