One Thing To Remember In Difficult Times

One Thing To Remember In Difficult Times
GOING THROUGH TOUGH TIMES - Uplifting Motivational Video

I may not know who you are listening to the sound of my voice or what you may be going through especially in these difficult times. But I want you to know something.

That dream that you have is not dead, it’s just not in its season.

You may have been tempted to say “it’s never going to happen, am never going to make it, am never going to get the job, the education, am never going to reach that level in life”

I am too young or too old, I don’t have the finance, the qualifications, the time…

Simply because things are tough and rough right now doesn’t mean your dream is dead.

Life can be tough when everything seems to be going wrong. When you turn right and left and find no way out. When you feel like all hope is lost, You begin to doubt yourself, wondering if you could ever live your dreams, wondering if you should keep working towards it or just give up.

Know this, In every season there is a reason, in every time, there is a season.  Your time will come!”.

As it is written in the Book of life;

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Your time may just be around the corner when you gave up and gave in to your doubts, your fears. 

Have you forgotten who you are? Let me remind you, 

You are the most magnificent, the most remarkable,  Godlike being ever created on this planet. Yet you seem to have forgotten who you are and base your dreams around your current circumstances.

Your circumstances don’t define you, your challenges don’t hold you from a greater comeback. You possess within you a great power to face your challenges and rise above them.

You may have failed or fallen, but it’s not over, I get up and keep going. It may seem like there’s nothing left, get up and keep going, It may be too far,  rough, or difficult, just don’t stop running.

You have gone through hell, through pain to get to where you are now, you might as well not give up and keep going. 

Promise yourself this, no matter how difficult things might be, no matter how challenging, you will never give up running after your destiny, you will never stop running after your dreams.

Don’t stop running toward your dream because if you stop. Your time will never come. 


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By Anthony C. Ejiogu

Hi there, Welcome! My name is Anthony Ejiogu, Founder, and Creator of TheSuccessElite. It is my hope to be a part of your journey to self-discovery, achieving your dreams, and living up to your potential.