How I Confronted Fear and Overcame

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Have you been held back from doing things you want to do, be or have because you were afraid to leave your comfort zone? Did you know that you have never truly lived until you leave your comfort zone?

Fear comes in several ways, for me, it was leaving my comfort zone to do the things I wished I could do. Until I woke up to the reality that I will never know what’s possible for me in life simply because I was afraid to step out of my comfort.

Here’s a conversation I had with FEAR in my head, I hope it inspires you to confront your fears.

Hello FEAR, There’s something I never had the guts to tell you but I think it’s you know the truth, my truth!

Fear, You have taken the wheel in my life for too long, dictated my every action, imprisoned me in this zone called comfort that no longer I recognized who I am.

I respect the fact that you’re trying to protect me, hiding me in the shadows away from the light, away from prying eyes and sharpest words that might try to cut me.

But all you’ve really done held me back, kept me from discovering what’s possible because you said: “It’s not possible”.

You’ve limited me to your fears of failure, rejection, uncertainty, fear of being judged and hurt, so many fears that I became afraid to live.

I know you mean good but your actions blinded me. I saw no possibilities of achieving my dreams only illusions you created, a False Existence of reality Appearing Real.

I remained stagnant because you said that “I will fall or fail and that people will laugh at me.” So I hid from the world.

Rather than be aware of dangers, I was limited to them, stuck in this haven for mediocrity, this comfort zone – one you said was the safest for me.

I developed self-doubt, became indecisive and incapable of taking the needed action as anxiety grew larger in me.

Guess what, for the first time ever I can say NO, NO MORE! I will no longer live in your fears but embrace them. I want to see what lies beyond these walls, what I can and can’t do, who I can become. I don’t want to go through life without truly living.

You have no control over me anymore because I am stronger now. I’ve got Courage with me now. Courage has freed me from the shackles of your limitations and helped so many go after live their dreams rather than just a dream.

Courage opened my eyes to see that “I have never truly lived until step out of this comfort zone.” Because of him, I am strong enough to overcome you.

Am sorry but I am really not sorry because I’m done! I’m done letting you keep me away from experiencing greatness.

Know this, from this day onward I have DECIDED to do one thing each day that you are afraid of because beyond them lies limitless possibilities.


It’s time for you to take back the wheel in your life. It starts by having the courage to confront your fears and overcome them. Decide to do one thing each day that gets you out of your comfort zone. Why? Because what awaits you beyond that is GREATNESS.

What Fears has held back for too long? Please share your thoughts and inspire others who have been in hiding because of their fears.

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