Story 6: What Outrages Me

Poverty outrages me. Haunting thoughts blanket my mind at all times l glance at someone in lack. Having lived under the influence, in the past 7 years, I've slowly grown…

By Guest Post 4 Min Read

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Latest Lessons Learned in life

Story 13 – The Gratitude Story

“Bernie, quit clanging the bell!” I reach out and smack him. Ugh, what is it…

By Guest Post 11 Min Read

Story 14 – DIANA

Growing up for me was very boring. I was the only child of my parents…

By Guest Post 32 Min Read

The Lesson of Hardship

’’Hardships and difficult situations in our life serve us and are meant for us to…

By Guest Post 19 Min Read

Story 9 – His Father’s Namesake (Oyiri nna ya)

I know a man, whose name I wish not to mention. But whose story I…

By Guest Post 7 Min Read

Story 10 – Hold On

“Ping Ping”, the alarm rang signaling the break of dawn. Dylan opened his eyes to…

By Guest Post 10 Min Read

Story 8 – Innocent Guilt

She was really a cheery one, Chimnomso, always dancing and acting scenes from a drama…

By Anthony Ejiogu 16 Min Read