Top 25 Ben Affleck Quotes about Fame

Ben Affleck Quotes
Ben Affleck Quotes

Ben Affleck Quotes: Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt (born August 15, 1972) is an American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter.

He began his career as a child when he starred in the PBS series The Voyage of the Mimi.

Affleck gained wider recognition when he and childhood friend Matt Damon won the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for writing Good Will Hunting (1997), which they also starred in.

His directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone (2007), which he also co-wrote, was well received.

He played the superhero Batman in Batman v Superman and Justice League (2017), and starred in the action thrillers The Accountant (2016) and Triple Frontier (2019).

His accolades include two Academy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards.

Here are the top 25 Ben Affleck quotes about fame:

“Fame has got me this far.”–Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Quotes

“I’m very insecure. I’m human, just like anybody else.”–Ben Affleck

“All I do, really, is go to work and try to be professional, be on time and be prepared.”–Ben Affleck

“I’ve finally learnt how to say, ‘No comment’. To appear in the tabloids is a real learning curve and a steep one at that. You had better learn quick or you get burnt.”–Ben Affleck

“No matter how much you change, you still got to pay the price for the things you’ve done.”–Ben Affleck

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“You don’t want that momentum to stop when you get it.”–Ben Affleck

“I just feel like sometimes I’m a force to be dealt with. My talents are sometimes overused and also sometimes underused. It’s not easy being me.”–Ben Affleck

“There’s a lot of crazy, weird people out there. It’s an ugly world.”–Ben Affleck

“I’m much more interested in what an actor has to say about something substantial and important than who they’re dating or what clothes they’re wearing or some other asinine, insignificant aspect of their life.”–Ben Affleck

“I have a good relationship with the world. But I don’t know what the trick is to maintaining it.”–Ben Affleck

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“I realized that a life lived for yourself is not much of a life.”–Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Quotes

“Everyone’s entitled to express their political beliefs. I don’t presume to tell anybody who to vote for. I am comfortable telling people what my opinions are.”–Ben Affleck

“I’ve consciously taken on material that’s a bit too much for me but not an overreach.”–Ben Affleck

“The one benefit of having done all kinds of movies as an actor is, you learn the pros and cons of being tempted to do a really big movie because it costs a lot of money.”–Ben Affleck

“Anybody who tells you that money is the root of all evil doesn’t have any.”–Ben Affleck

“You’re basically the sum of all the experiences you’ve ever had.”–Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Quotes

“People of similar political persuasions tend to flock together.”–Ben Affleck

“There’s a lot of noise in the world, and the Internet magnifies that energy.”–Ben Affleck

“People ascribe a certain kind of silliness to the movie business. They feel like in the movies, they do crazy stuff.”–Ben Affleck

“I’m not the type of guy who enjoys one-night stands. It leaves me feeling very empty and cynical. It’s not even fun sexually.”–Ben Affleck

“I find forgiveness to be really healthy.”–Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Quotes

“I’ve seen high and lows. When things go well that doesn’t make me feel like some genius. Nor will I allow the next disappointment to make me feel like a complete failure.”–Ben Affleck

“I’ve got to work really hard and I know exactly what I’ve achieved because I know how hard I’ve worked.”–Ben Affleck

“I make sure to work as hard as I absolutely possibly can, because I know that’s the only shot I have at being successful.”–Ben Affleck

“I have definitely noticed that I care less about certain things. Other actors are like: “You can’t do that”, or “You can’t do this. This will position you in the wrong way.” That’s not my thing. And obviously so, because you can see I don’t craft or cultivate my career.”–Ben Affleck

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