7 Traits A Person Destined For Greatness Needs

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Over the years, researchers have been looking into many different traits and habits that some of the most successful people have had. For sure, there are many books out there as well that talk about it, such as the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, amongst a laundry list of others.

Today though I’d like to share the list that these researchers have proposed as the reasoning is quite compelling. If you have all of these traits, then you are surely on your way to greatness. Even if you don’t have them all, this article can at least give you the confidence to continue down this path and what other traits you can pick up along the way.

Asking Questions

Growing up, I was never someone who would ask questions. I always nodded and avoided speaking up and this caused a lot of issues for me later on down the road. That being said, there were certainly questions that I had and I often times answered them myself by thinking things over further.

Either way, it would’ve saved me a lot of headaches (and low test scores) if I actually asked questions more often.

The reason this is key is that asking questions can help in all manner of things outside of a classroom. For one it shows you have the competence to do the job if you are asking questions, whether you are an employee or talking to a client. Furthermore, this curiosity that you have can do wonders in any kind of field in various ways.

Being Resourceful

As Oprah once said: “The most valuable resource is how resourceful you are”

She is absolutely right. Being able to get things moving along is an incredible resource to have. One of those things that can help that along is by asking questions. Questions like “What’s the problem” or “Who can I talk to move this along” are great starting points to progress further.

Individually asking questions and the ability to create plans with current resources is also key as well.

As an entrepreneur with no capital starting out, I had to be very resourceful with how I grew, what I could do and found immense value in conversing with other people. It’s a helpful skill to have even if you don’t have all of the ones on this list.

Having Problem Solving Skills

If you are naturally gifted with being able to solve problems quickly that’s even better. However many people are still able to sharpen this skill through the experiences that they have. In the end, the ability to think of solutions in a creative fashion is a sign of great intelligence.

How you can develop this skill is by looking at your problems and writing down possible answers. There are many ways to work around problems and it’s up to you to find the most creative and motivational one for you.

Actually Completing Your Goals

When I first started to write, I’ll admit that I was a big talker. I talked a lot and didn’t take any sort of steps towards achieving my goals. I didn’t put any kind of effort in them at all. While the reasons for that are numerous, at the end of the day, I still didn’t achieve my goals.

A sign that you are destined to succeed is if you are doing what I am doing now, actually working towards your goals and achieving them. You can watch as the much motivational content you want, ead as many articles as you’d like, but you won’t succeed until you take action.

Being Persistent

Pairing up with you working towards goals is persistence. While I certainly talked (more like wrote) a lot and didn’t follow my advice, I was still persistent. Every day I devoted my time to writing and publishing an article.

I am still persistent to this day by coming up with creative solutions, thinking of new ways to solve my problems and by asking questions. Persistence is something that I have in spades.

This is an important skill to have because it teaches you to preserve your energy. You’re not going to be going all in on something and risk burning out. Instead, persistence teaches you to keep pushing, but to focus on the small steps along the way. Furthermore, we will be facing failures, mistakes, and rejection and persistence teach you to keep moving forward.

Blind To Failure

This is another skill that I talk about all the time, though I explain it more as “seeing failures as lessons”. Indeed those who are destined for greatness are people who see the failures as not actual setbacks but as lessons that we can learn. Furthermore, these failures can give us some new insights to perform better than ever before. The big reason why they can do that is because of the last trait.

Embrace Change

Those who will make it eventually are people who fully embrace change. These are individuals who see change as part of the journey. This can be a change in career paths or perhaps a change in their current approach. Regardless of where that change is, it’s important for the individual to embrace it and understand why that change is happening.

At the end of the day, the more that we resist change in our lives, the harder it is for us to move on and actually leverage from that change. In order to embrace change, it’s a matter of being open to accepting it.


These are seven incredible traits that can lead you to success whether you are an entrepreneur or you are looking for success in life overall. Consider these traits and take the time to hone your skills in these areas of your life.

Eric Burdon is the owner of a self-improvement blog focused on bringing positivity into people’s lives. Eric made it his role in life is to help people live a more positive life by sharing his experiences and learnings.

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