5 Great Tips To Help Boost Your Motivation

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Motivation is the compelling force, the drive that keeps you up in the morning. It is the fuel to behind a person determined to change his or her life. It comes from knowing exactly what you want and having the guts and an unquenchable burning desire to do what’s necessary to get it. It is the reason behind why you want to succeed so badly, make yourself proud, the drive that keeps going when it gets really tough.

Want to intensify the power of motivation within you?

Here are 5 great tips to help you boost your motivation:

1. Create a Vision board with images of your desired goals.

Think of all the things that fill you with positive energy such as the car you want to own, the family you want to have, the house you want to live in, the places you want, visit or live in and attach their pictures on the board. Others could be pictures of a holiday abroad, destinations, trophies, awards, first-class travel tickets, lifestyle, clothes you want to buy, fine restaurants you want to frequent, trips with your spouse – whatever you can think of that gets your heart racing in excitement. Be sure to have images of them on your vision board. Your vision board will serve as a constant reminder of what, who and where you want to go in life.

2. Get Upset

If you want to change your life for the better then get upset with where you are now, be upset for holding back rather than going after what you want. While you are in the state of anger, feeling disgusted by where you are in life, answer these questions: “Are you FED UP with debts and not being able to provide for your family? Are you irritated by the fact that you are not living the life you want? Are you SICK AND TIRED of doing the same things week in week out? Are you TIRED OF SURROUNDING yourself with losers, people who do not inspire you or add value to your life? Are you PISSED OFF about not growing emotionally and financially? Then it’s time you GET ANGRY, GET UPSET and decide to longer tolerate being in the same situation. Take your notes out, write down everything that you are unhappy about, all of the frustrating, unrewarding, miserable things you want to change. Channel your anger, your frustration into a force that will push you to change your life. In life, when you can no longer tolerate something that’s when everything begins to change.

3. Value Your time.

Time is one of the most precious gifts on could ever. A resource that is non-renewable, irreversible yet the most wasted on the planet. You have the choice of what to do with your time, use it wisely or squander it. If you want to change your life you have to invest a lot of time to make that happen. First, identify your time wasters, the things you do that are irrelevant, things you feel deep down is a waste of time. Take action to reduce the time you spent on the things you have identified as irrelevant: Television, magazine, gossips, weekends spent shopping, partying, dining out – these will rob you of your time. Value your time by using it more effectively and investing it in yourself. Remember the words of Steve Jobs;

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

How you use your time is what counts and will inevitably determine what you get out of life. Knowing this will supercharge you, motivate you to value your time. So make the most of your time today.

4. Afraid of Your Fears?

Fear is that unseen force, one created by your own thoughts with the power to rob you of your dreams. So I ask, what is your fear, what are you afraid of? The fear of failure, rejection, the known, the future? It’s completely natural to be afraid, to be scared but know this if you give in to your fears, it will have dominion over you. Are you going to let this cruel destructive charlatan trample on your dreams, steal your happiness, your dreams and crush your spirit? Imagine lying in bed in your final days, haunted by your dreams, talents, gifts, abilities as they come to you saying: “You didn’t do the things you wanted, you didn’t use us, you let us lie in waste and now we must die with you because you were too frightened to live”.

Then you realize you do not need to be afraid because it can only hamper your growth, drag your gifts, abilities, talents, ideas, and dreams to the grave with you. By then, it’s beyond redemption, too late to conquer your fears. Refuse to let fear ruin your life and start taking action, decide you will do the things you are afraid of – right now! Knowing that fear can limit if you let it, this thought should motivate you not to give into it at all, it’s only there to test your will.

5. Be Different

Are you a sheep or a follower, an insignificant number in the herd who’s too timid to find it’s own path? Are you afraid of being different than all others because they wouldn’t like it if you decided to follow a different path? Seriously, does this describe you in any way? Then it’s time to be the wolf, hungry for a change because if you do what everyone else does you’ll always get what everyone else gets. Let the thought of being different fill you with positive vibes. So do you want to be a mindless follower or a leader, a warrior who possesses the courage to be different, you and to do what you want to do and make your dreams happen? So then, be more like a wolf climbing the hill, hungry for more than a sheep. Be different, don’t go around trying to be like everybody else and not being yourself. Be yourself, be different and unique because everyone else is taken.

The world is waiting for your unique gifts, your talents, your ideas. Why wait any longer to live?

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By Anthony C. Ejiogu

Hi there, Welcome! My name is Anthony Ejiogu, Founder, and Creator of TheSuccessElite. It is my hope to be a part of your journey to self-discovery, achieving your dreams, and living up to your potential.