10 Things Truly Confident People Never Do

10 Things Truly Confident People Never Do

Have you ever felt like you aren’t confident in your own skin? Have you ever felt like giving up on your dreams and goals because you aren’t confident about your ability or ideas?  If so, then don’t worry: you’re in good company.  In fact, most people feel that way at some point or another.

The truth is that feeling this way isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s actually pretty normal. Many people who seem completely confident and self-assured are secretly plagued by feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Confident people know how to let go of these feelings, and live their lives according to what they want rather than what they fear.

Confidence is one of the most important traits a person can have. If you are confident, people will not only respect you more but also see you as someone they want to be around.

So what does it really mean to have confidence? What are some things that truly confident people never do?

Here are ten things that true confidence means avoiding:

10 THINGS That Truly Confident People Never Do

Confident people never assume that everyone is against them.

Confident people know the importance of having supportive friends and family to help with their struggles; however, they also know that not everyone will always be there for them, which means they shouldn’t expect others to be. If anything, confident people don’t take it personally when someone gossips about them or turns their back on them.

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They don’t waste time being resentful or bitter about past hardships or mistakes.

They know that life is full of both good and bad experiences and that you can’t change the past. As a result, they tend to choose to look at the positive side of things, which gives them more hope for the future.

You are the only person on earth who can use your ability. – Zig Ziglar

Truly Confident People Don’t follow the crowd.

They do what they think is right, even if it means being different from their peers.  If they come up with a great idea, then they are willing to bet on it even when others don’t see its potential.

They never have to prove themselves to others.

If they want something, they go for it. They don’t need someone else’s approval or permission, because they know that the only person who can determine their self-worth is themselves.

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Truly Confident People Don’t shy away from a challenge.

They know that challenges help them grow, so they rather take on an arduous task and finish it than avoid it altogether.

They aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it.

It’s okay to not know everything, especially if you’re new to something or are still working on improving your skills.  If you are truly confident in yourself, then other people will respect that about you and be willing to help.

They don’t worry about standing out from the crowd.

They just do what they think is right for them, without worrying about how other people will react. For example, if they need to wear something that makes them stand out from the crowd in order to feel comfortable and confident, then that’s what they will do.  It doesn’t matter if everyone else thinks it’s weird or not.

Truly Confident People Don’t mind taking risks.

They know that there is no reward without risk, so they are willing to take the plunge and see what happens. They understand that sometimes you will fail or make a mistake, but they also realize that most of the time trying again will lead to something better than if you had never even tried in the first place.

Confident people never compromise who they are just to please others.

If you’re no longer being true to yourself, then when other people start to notice that you’re not being authentic anymore, they will be turned off by it and eventually stop liking the person that you have become.

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They don’t worry about what others think about them.

Confident people don’t care much about what others think about them, whether it’s their appearance or even their personality; for example, some girls obsess over their weight and beauty but fail to realize that this doesn’t make them any happier.  

Saying “I don’t care what they say” is just an easy way of getting out of what you don’t want to deal with, but in the end, it doesn’t accomplish anything. Confident people also accept that there are things about themselves that they don’t particularly like–but that’s okay!  It’s what makes you human!

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If you’re not confident, then it might seem like something horrible has happened to your self-esteem. You start thinking that maybe there’s just something wrong with you–and then that starts to affect how you act in public and so forth. The problem is that the moment you get worried about your looks or personality, everyone else will start worrying too!

I think we can all agree about one thing: the perfect person doesn’t exist.   Not me, not anyone else–no one can be perfect.

So why worry about trying? The best advice I can give to people who want to become more secure with themselves is to let go of all the worries and concerns about who they are.  Instead, give yourself permission to be whoever you really are–to yourself, not just to others.

By Anthony C. Ejiogu

Hi there, Welcome! My name is Anthony Ejiogu, Founder, and Creator of TheSuccessElite. It is my hope to be a part of your journey to self-discovery, achieving your dreams, and living up to your potential.