10 Productivity Strategies That Lead to Successful Entrepreneurs

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Running a startup is undoubtedly challenging. Yet it creates vast opportunities to meet a variety of people, customers, advisors, investors, build teams, and more. With so much people to meet and activities to do one would wonder, what strategies do successful entrepreneurs apply to boost productivity in their business? How do they remain productive and remove the distraction that plays no part in the success?

Most successful entrepreneurs developed strategies they apply to boost productivity in their business. These strategies, in turn, develop into basic patterns which assists them in climbing the ladders of success.

Here are the incredible strategies 10 young successful entrepreneurs adopted  to maximize their productivity:

Tim Chen: Co-founder & CEO of NerdWallet

Strategy: Do not allow your inbox to take over your to-do list.

Tim Chen: Co-founder & CEO of NerdWallet

Nerd wallet is a personal finance startup which helps people in taking decisions on financial matters. Tim Chen’s strategy centers on focusing on his to-do’s rather than allowing his inbox to influence it. This strategy has helped him stay super-productive and effective. Chen believes and follows that your inbox should not decide your to-do list for the week. Chen organizes his priorities for the week and at the end of the week, he gives a look over what he has achieved. He also shares all this with his employees by the end of the week through a mail named “Reflections.” This helps Chen estimate how much he has achieved by the weekend. This strategy is a very reliable way to remain focused and productive for the new startup entrepreneurs as well.

Daniella Yacobovsky: Co-Founder of BaubleBar Inc.

Strategy: Break your workload into small pieces.

Daniella Yacobovsky:
Daniella Yacobovsky, Co-founder

BaubleBar is a startup that sells on-trend, affordable costume jewelry directly to the consumer. The founder Daniela Yacobovsky is a young entrepreneur who has achieved much success in few years after launching the BaubleBar. Her strategy to remain productive in business is to break down the workload into small chunks. Moreover, she believes in breaking her workload into doable things, so that she actually knows what exactly is there on her plate.

Mark Zuckerberg: Co-founder & CEO of Facebook

Strategy: move fast to break things

Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder & CEO Facebook

Facebook is a name that has ruled social media for quite a while now. The Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has achieved so much regardless of his young age. Zuckerberg has adopted a lot of strategies to succeed in business. However, a reliable strategy that boosts his productivity is one he often talks about is to “move fast and break things.”

Zuckerberg believes that one cannot learn new things if one does not move fast enough. He believes that many startups don’t experience such boom because they make efforts in an attempt to perfection thus they move too slow. The mistakes Facebook made in moving too fast turned into success stories for the social media king rather than failure. One example was introducing timelines to user’s account. At first users’ responded negatively, in time they got accustomed to it and began enjoying the benefits of the feature.

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Merrill Stubbs: Co-founder & President of Food52

Strategy: Take a break to get relief from monotony.

Merrill Stubbs: Food52

Food52 is a startup that brings cooks together to create cookbooks, take on food projects and help others with their real-time food. The owner, Merrill Stubbs has received many accolades for her good work. When asked to share her secret to being productive, she simply stated that she takes a break when it becomes monotonous. She believes that one can actually break the shackles by moving away from the thing and talking to people who are not concerned. This helps in rejuvenating the mind and paying attention to priorities.

Oliver Kharraz, CEO & Founder of Zocdoc

Strategy: Take one step at a time

Oliver Kharraz, CEO & Founder at Zocdoc

Zocdoc is a platform that provides information about medical practices and doctors in a central location. The firm has grown popular in recent years and has been providing information on medical aspects as well. The CEO, Kharraz is convinced that the best strategy to productivity is taking one step at a time. He believes that this is the best medicine when trying to work on difficult aspects of business and life. He advised that one should focus thoughts on what wants to work on taking it bit by bit. Thinking about other less important things rather than what’s more important can hamper the progress.

Jen Rubio: ‎Co-founder of Away

Strategy: Always keep the bigger things in mind.

Image credit: Masha Maltsava

Away initiated by Jen Rubio is an enterprise that has created a niche for itself in the area of luggage. The owner, Jen Rubio thinks that the best strategy to be productive is by being diligent in achieving bigger things. She believes that if one keeps the bigger prize in mind, smaller things obviously get fulfilled. Adopting this strategy, Jen has definitely proved her entrepreneurial skills.

Julia Hartz: Co-Founder & CEO of Eventbrite

Strategy: Learn from your failures.

Julia Hartz: Co-Founder & CEO of Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an online platform, where one can easily find events to attend as per one’s interests. The company has received a strong customer base through the leadership of its owner, Julia Hartz. Julia has a strategy which she adopts in her day-to-day business planning and that is to take challenges head-on and learn from one’s failures. She states that every failure has a lesson that can prove to be of immense value later in life. Thus, one should never ignore failures and should be brave enough to face challenges.

David Bladow:  Co-founder & CEO of BoomThat

Strategy: Get access to your notes anywhere

David Bladow:  Co-founder & CEO, BoomThat

BloomThat is an on-demand flower delivery service that’s providing a better way to send flowers.One strategy David applies that not only helps him stay super-productive but organized is accessing his notes from anywhere in the world. He mentioned on Entrepreneur that he uses Notes app. It syncs between all devices and it’s really simple to use. He makes agendas and saves everything in there. Having a tool that helps him access his notes from anywhere has contributed to his increase in productivity and consequently growth in his business.

Angie Hicks: Co-founder & CEO of Angie’s List

Strategy: Prioritize your things

Angie Hicks: Co-founder & CEO of Angie’s List

Angie’s List is an e-commerce website which offers things for sale. Over the years, the prices of the company have just increased. However, the owner believes that she can contribute this success to one strategy which helps her in staying focused. The strategy is that one should prioritize things. She does that early in the morning and tries to compete for doable things first.

Kara Goldin: Founder & CEO of Hint Inc.

Strategy: celebrate your victories

Kara Goldin: Founder & CEO of Hint Inc.

DrinkHint provides flavored drinking water and has many delighted customers. The company is doing great in the business circle as well. The owner Kara Goldin believes that the best strategy to stay productive is to celebrate one’s victories, no matter how small they are. This would help one in staying rejuvenated and productive.


You can agree being been productive leads to more success in not just business but in life. Everything revolves around how productive we are and most times the best strategy for maximizing productivity is adopting strategies that worked for other successful people. Boost your productivity and chances for success with either of these strategies.

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Now is your turn, share with me what strategies you apply to be super-productive. Please share in the comment below.

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